Cool App Contender: VideoMeld

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I’ve been a user of different video editing tools for some time, but VideoMeld from Goldwave Inc., has caught my attention and may be my video editor of choice in the near future. The app is built using Embarcadero’s C++ Builder and was submitted to the Embarcadero Cool App Contest.

EMB VideMeldGraphic.png

VideoMeld says it is an all-in-one editor that performs fast, intuitive drag-and-drop editing with drag-and-drop effects.  You can copy, cut, split, merge, trim, and crop with ease and add text captions, overlays, dynamic special effects, and transitions. The apps name gives away the capability to meld together any number of audio files, video files, photos, and images into a single, high quality file.


VideoMeld use Embarcadero C++ Builder to support Windows Desktop and Server and is built with Embarcadero’s FMX Application Platform (FireMonkey).


VideoMeld is a free download with an option for a paid subscription as well. The free version is limited in functionality by only a time restriction on how long a video you can develop. That limit is set a five minutes which is certainly suitable for videos posted to YouTube. If your needs are for longer videos, the paid version allows videos of any length. Otherwise, the free version provides access to all the editing options you get in the paid version. There is a small, unobtrusive watermark at the bottom of the videos you build on the free version. Take a look at this video and screenshot to get a comprehensive idea of the features and capabilities of this app.

EMB VideoMeld Screenshot.png





Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: