Cool App Contender: SoundJuke

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You’ve probably been at a restaurant and knew music was playing in the background but, not the music you wanted to hear. So, you just tuned it out rather than listen to it. Well, SoundJuke from Trend Music is a game changer in that regard. It puts full control over the music you hear on a dashboard hosted on your smartphone. You can compose a personal playlist through SoundJuke or use one of the standard playlists that the app shows. These prepared playlists are updated periodically, so you’re not always stuck with the same choices. Play the music that creates the mood you’re looking for.

SoundJuke turns your smartphone into your personal jukebox at any public site. It uses a combination of these Embarcadero tools in building the app: Delphi for iOS and Android, Cloud API, Parallel Programming API, REST Client Library.


The logic is simple. If your customer likes what they hear, they’ll spend more time in your place of business. The features of SoundJuke are customer-friendly and include:

  • Pick songs to be played in the venue;

  • Vote on upcoming music to influence when it’s played;

  • Share songs picked on social media;

  • Discover songs that are currently playing;

  • Check the agenda and discounts of a particular location

The latest version also includes searching for approved songs and artists. Find the music that makes you happy, and your customer experience will go off the charts.


Through SoundJuke, Trend provides tailor made music & media that contribute to a positive customer experience. With passion, we seek to find the right solution for you because we believe in the power of music!



Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: