Cool App Contender: RAD and Installer

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We truly appreciate our developer community and the people at unSigned are an excellent example of why. RAD and Installer is a RAD Studio extension for creating NSIS and Inno Setup installers. It integrates NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) and Inno Setup with Embarcadero RAD Studio IDE and allows you to set up and build NSIS and Inno Setup projects right within RAD Studio getting all benefits of the common integrated environment!

unSigned has created a unique app that is built using Embarcadero technology that includes RAD Studio, Delphi and Visual Component Library (VCL).  RAD and Installer was submitted to Embarcadero as a cool app contender in our Embarcadero Cool App Contest.


During development of our product RAD and Installer, we needed to develop customized components to provide exceptional functionality to our software. The third party tools from Codeplex and their RAD Studio Delphi Enhancing Components played a significant role in making RAD and Installer the best value to the Embarcadero RAD Studio users. We used ProjectProperties and NavigationBars components from the RAD Studio Delphi Enhancing Components to make it happen. The demand for this capability was so great that we published these components (VCL, we developed them for RAD and Installer) so they would be available to all the developers.


The creation of new installers using this capability will save you more than 75% of the time it takes to improve your existing installers. Several video tutorials will get you started in five minutes. RAD Studio and Inno Setup Installers gets you started on Inno while RAD Studio and NSIS Installers gets you started on NSIS.


Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: