Cool App Contender: Evolutio eRefer

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The healthcare delivery system worldwide is turning to the web and its technologies to deliver more cost-effective and patient-centered care. Evolutio Care Innovations Ltd offer a cost effective referral management gateway (‘eRefer’) with central administrative support (‘ecare’) and managed clinical networks for patients with common ophthalmology conditions.


eRefer allows clinicians to refer patients to Evolutio electronically. It gives you the ability to see exactly where your patient is in the referral process, the referral outcome as well as visibility of transmission receipts to care providers giving you the reassurance that your referral has reached its end destination successfully. eRefer is an app that runs on Windows, OS X as well as the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Embarcadero software development platform Delphi (Object Pascal) and FireMonkey (FMX Application Platform) are the primary development tools for eRefer. eRefer was submitted to the Embarcadero Cool Apps Contest as a contender.


…and Evolutio is not only keeping pace, but we are leading the innovation. We are the change, and we want to take you with us. We believe that integrated care and the management of clinical networks can drive the health economy onto the next level of a holistic approach to healthcare provision.

Technology is changing...

    Healthcare is evolving...

Expectations are expanding...



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