Cool App Contender: Change-Pro for Excel

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How long do you spend looking for changes in an Excel spreadsheet? Compare in seconds! If you only spend an hour a day (220 hours/year) on reviewing and modifying Excel spreadsheets, Change-Pro for Excel will save you 50% –75% of your time. Be more productive and deliver greater value.  Reduce your frustration of never being sure that you know exactly what you’re looking at with the document in front of you. Litera has created a unique app that is built using Embarcadero technology that includes Delphi, Visual Component Library (VCL), FireDAC, and DataSnap. Change-Pro for Excel was sent to Embarcadero as a cool app contender in our Embarcadero Cool App Contest.



The value of Change-Pro for Excel goes beyond just increased productivity. The compare function of the app is superior to the native capability built into the Excel product. Litera has patented some of the technology. The ability to communicate clearly with your clients and provide an understanding that removes all doubt about the authenticity and accuracy of your documents is invaluable. You can work from anywhere through your mobile devices that link back to the corporate servers and provide on the spot modifications to meet customer expectations. The software runs fast and smooth thanks to the Delphi, mobile, multi-platform, native app capabilities it provides.


Think of Change-Pro for Excel as the perfect fit with Litera’s legacy of being a company that offers solutions. Those solutions work for your internal corporate teams as well as your clients. Answers to these questions; Where is the document? How many locations? How many versions? Which repository is the document in? When was it copied, sent, and to whom? What changes were made? Who approved the changes; at the fingertips of your internal legal department would make them happy and build their confidence that all Federal, State and local regulations regarding the availability of information has been met.


Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: