Computer Science Education Week and Grace Hopper's 107th birthday

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We celebrate what would have been Grace Hopper's 107th birthday.  Today, Google's cool doodle celebrates Grace Hopper. Grace Hopper, also known as "the first lady of software" was one of the earliest programmers (she was the first to coin the term "computer bug" , when she found a moth in Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator), computer scientist and Rear Admiral in the US Navy.

Each year, the Anita Borg institute celebrates the life and career of Grace Hopper by presenting the "Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing" conference.  This year the conference was in Minneapolis.  In 2014, the conference will be in Phoenix Arizona. Each year, the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Computer Science Department, my Alma Mater, sends a number of Computer Science, Software Engineering and Computer Engineering students to the conference. We started by sending 6 young women a few years ago.  This year thanks to a grant from Apple Computer, more than 30 young women attended the annual conference in Minneapolis!  You can see their happy faces at the conference and read about their wonderful experiences on the Cal Poly Women in Software and Hardware (WISH) page at Next year we hope to be able to send even more thanks to a grant from and donations from alumni, industry partners and individuals.

Donate to the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Computer Science Grace Hopper Conference Fund

If I have ever helped you in some way during my past 28 years working with our developer tools, if we've worked together, if I ever helped you get the most out of our products, or if you love computer programming, please donate whatever you can to the Cal Poly Computer Science Grace Hopper Fund. You can easily donate online. Go to the Cal Poly Giving web site and make an online donation:

  • Put in your donation amount

  • In the designation section, click the radio button for "Select College(s) and Program(s)"

  • A pop-up window will appear. Scroll down to the "College of Engineering" section and check the box for the "Grace Hopper Conference Support Fund" and click the "continue" button.

  • Specify a generous amount, whatever you can afford.

  • Select the "Give Now" radio button

  • Fill in the information about you section, for your relationship with Cal Poly, choose Friend (unless you are an alumni, parent, student, etc.

  • Click Save and Continue

  • Fill in your billing address information and credit card info

  • Click Next

  • The last page in the process, review your info and click the submit button!

To make sure that the steps above are correct, I just donated $500.  If you live in the US, the donation is tax deductible. Thank you in advance for giving to the Grace Hopper Conference Fund. And thank you to everyone I have met and collaborated with during the first 44 years of my programming career.  I look forward to many more years of creating software with you.

Computer Science Education Week 2013

Today also marks the start of the Computer Science Education Week (December 9-13, 2013).  During this week students all over the world are spending at least an hour writing code! We can all help them in our own towns.  Visit for more information about how you can help schools in your local area!

Watch a fun, short video by (from the Black Eyed Peas) where he talks about the importance of learning to program.

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