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On-Demand Webinar:CodeSite & Konopka Signature VCL Controls Launch Webinar

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Konopka Signature VCL Controls

Konopka Signature VCL Controls is a user interface design system for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder. At its center is a collection of more than 125 general-purpose native VCL controls. These high-quality components give developers unsurpassed power and flexibility without sacrificing ease-of-use.

In addition to the core set of controls, Konopka Signature VCL Controls includes more than 100 component designers focused on simplifying user interface development. Konopka Signature VCL Controls gives developers a big boost to productivity when building sophisticated user interfaces in less time with less effort.

Konopka Signature VCL Controls comes with complete source code for all components, packages, and design editors.
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Gain deeper insight into code execution with a live viewer logging system that helps locate problems quickly while code is executing locally or remotely. Go beyond traditional breakpoint debugging to log application execution while the app continues to run, feed data from multiple apps into a single log, and visually analyze data in real time.

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CodeSite & Konopka Signature VCL Controls Launch Webinar

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
6AM San Francisco / 9AM New York / 2PM London / 3PM Milan 
11AM San Francisco / 2PM New York / 7PM London / 8PM Milan 
5PM San Francisco / 20-Aug 9AM Tokyo / 20-Aug 10AM Sydney

Embarcadero Technologies has acquired Raize Components, and recently released CodeSite and Konopka Signature VCL Controls. Now is your chance to learn more about this exciting announcement and these new tools firsthand from Ray Konopka.

Whether you’re a RAD Studio, Delphi or C++Builder or an existing Raize Components or CodeSite user, this webinar will give you insights into how to build high quality, modern and sophisticated applications. Register Now!




What happens to Radiant Shapes? It is not available from Raize anymore, but apparently not from Embarcadero either. I hesitate to use those components in any project when their future is unclear
Radiant Shapes is still available to current and past license holders.
Embarcadero plans to offer Radiant Shapes in the future.

Could CodeSite logs be sent by eg. Eurekalog when reporting errors so I could get the complete visits in different subroutines the last n visits eg by reporting entering and leaving methods etc.?
Yes, you could certainly do this.

Is CodeSite and the components still purchasable for earlier versions of Delphi or only abke to buy fir XE8? And where could tthey be purchased?
All previous versions of both CodeSite and Raize Controls are available with the purchase of either Embarcadero CodeSite or Konopa Signature VCL Controls, respectivly. Both products are currently available on the embarcadero shop: you can find them under 'COMPONENTS' on the left hand column.

What happened to the demo for Raize Controls?
Hi Dennis, the demo for Konopka Signature VCL Controls will be made available from very soon. For now, the RC6 demo can still be found on, here:

Is the Trial for Konopka Signature VCL Controls available?
Yes, find it on CodeCentral here:

Can you change the size of the splitter seperator to make it touch screen friendly?
Yes - there is a SplitterWidth property - default value is 4 pixels. you can set it to a larger value - say 40 pixels for fat fingers touch :D

For CodeSite, Only XML or also JSON data structure? Is there support for / plans for SendJSONData and SendJSONFile?
There is currently built-in support for XML data, but JSON support is available in a class helper and will be included in the future.
Yes, there are plans for both of these methods. BTW, in the last CodeRage I presented a class helper which allowed sending JSON to CodeSite.

You mentioned Upgrade pricing..  Is First-time user pricing already set?
Go to for pricing -

Can the output be encrypted?
codesite output encryption - the architecture is there to support it, but there is no built-in encryption support (being investigated). you can do the encryption yourself.

Is Codesite a good choice for forensic investigation?
really depends on what you are looking for with forensic investigation. CodeSite is flexible about what your app is doing and what you save. you can add a tracer and add enter and exit event handlers. you can drill into various objects and structures. You can get history.  It is designed to capture data in your app.  if you have more needs - let us know.

Is CodeSite and the components still purchasable for earlier versions of Delphi or only abke to buy fir XE8? And where could tthey be purchased?
Components v6.2 is the latest version and works with Delphi/C++Builder 2009 and later. You also have access to all previous versions of both products.

Is Codesite an appropriate tool for measuring UI efficiency?
Not sure what you mean by UI efficiency.  There are a number of ways to gauge the "effectiveness" of a UI.  Performance side of the UI? You can get logging data about how long operations take - there is a timestamp in the log.

Some questions: Is CodeSite using Delphi RTTI, types rooting, etc..? If so, this allows Delphi user defined data types to be easily streamed to log but won't work for C++ user defined types, is it right?
RTTI is certainly being used by the logging classes.  It is the traditional RTTI info. As long as you have published members of your classes, Delphi and C++ objects can be logged. Log objects, data structures, custom formatting of a structure even if it doesn't have RTTI (use custom formatting feature of CodeSite - look at the doc).

Is there a plan to offer Raize Signature Controls for FireMonkey? If so, when?
Konopka Signature VCL Controls are totally married to the VCL and architecture. Concepts could move over to FireMonkey inspired controls.

What about using CodeSite for A/B testing for mouse & keyboard movement and pauses?
You could absolutely log these events with CodeSite and than process the logs and use the timestamps to compare times for users for A/B testing.

The controls look wonderful.  Is there a formal grid control, or do we still need to deal with DevExpress for that? ;-)
There are Konopka StringGrid and DBGrid components. they are descendents of the VCL controls with several UI enhancements beyond those standard VCL grids.

Concerning CodeSite, are there any plans to integrate it fully within InterBase as Malcolm Groves discusses here (using UDFs): , with his binaries offered here: and source code here: ?
No current specific plans for InterBase and CodeSite. You can write code (as others have) to use CodeSite with other APIs and products. You can do anything using code intercepts and CodeSite.  Much more is possible in the future.

Does CodeSite include the live templates you are using with the product?
Yes. Actually, there are quite a few live templates for CodeSite. csl for CodeSiteLogging; csn - CodeSite.EnterMethod, csx - CodeSite.ExitMethod, etc.

What about DropMaster and Inspex. Are they RAIZE or EMBA in future?
Not gone. We will let you know - right now we have launched CodeSite and VCL controls products.  More to come.

When will VCL Controls and Codesite be available to All-Access customers?
All-Access gives you the main IDE product - not the separately available for purchase add-ons.

Will Ray continue working with Embarcadero on his components?
There will definitely be future releases of the Konopka Signature VCL components. Ray is continuing development.

I really love (and use) the current Raize Components (Signature Controls), but I also do cross platform development using FireMonkey. Do you (Ray) have any plans on creating a set of FireMonkey components?
Ray is saying that Konopka VCL controls are focused on VCL architecture and Windows APIs. Says that there will be some ideas from the controls that might fit into the FMX framework and controls.

CodeSite for non-Windows platforms?
Right now RAD Studio and .NET programming languages for Windows.  CodeSite works with VCL/FMX and .NET frameworks. Since there are APIs - with a lightweight API,  CodeSite for other programming languages and platform interfaces. The CodeSite side is still Windows - but we could develop other platform client app side support.

My Application Interacting with many other extral application. while transaction between data we currently used to save it in log. can Codesite help it. to show live data flow?
Great question. Absolutely CodeSite can help with these use cases. For database operations, you could hook the before and after event handlers and send data to CodeSite logging for your database access.  Use the CodeSite "dispatcher" to record information from several clients/apps and store them in a common log. Each message logged records each application, processID and thread - so that you can isolate an application and what parts of the app is doing. Synchronized message mode demo shows this very well.

Can CodeSite logging be used and deployed with mobile applications?
CodeSite currently supports VCL, FMX, and .NET frameworks, but is focused on Windows targets (Win32, Win64). Providing support for mobile targets is definitely something we want to address in the future.

Can CodeSite logging be used and deployed with mobile applications?
Your mobile app could use AppTethering to communicate from iOS, Android, OSX and Windows to a Windows app that then calls CodeSite :D

Are the .NET capabilities basically the same as we just saw for VCL? ie. file logging, remote logging, etc?
yes - the logging classes are there. Any .NET language. Written in C# and used as an assembly.  Same functionality.

Can yuo have multiple different versions of Raize control installed at the same time? (We have some projects still in Delphi 2007 which cannot use the latest version, but we would like to use the latest version in later projects)
yes - the major versions are installed in separate directories.  Yes you can use older versions in older IDEs, etc.

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