CODERAGE XII: InterBase 2017 ToGo Cross-Platform Development and Deployment

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InterBase 2017 ToGo Edition is a full-featured, multi-device embeddable database for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X that runs in a stand-alone environment but allows deployment of applications which directly utilize the InterBase engine DLLs. With no separate database server process running, the database engine executes in the application process space providing an extremely small footprint. Together with other key features such as high security, zero administration, and simple installation, InterBase 2017 ToGo is an incredible solution for VARs, OEMs, and ISVs.

InterBase2017   CBuilder10_2

This CodeRage XII session showed using C++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo how to create and deploy an InterBase ToGo 2017 application to Apple Mac OS X and Windows Desktops.

You can watch the replay of "InterBase 2017 ToGo Cross-Platform Development and Deployment" here.

InterBase 2017 ToGo Edition for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X (32-bit), iOS (32-bit and 64-bit, Simulator and Device), and, Android (32-bit) trial download is here.  See ToGo QuickStart Guide for further information.

Here are some additional links to help get you started using the new InterBase 2017 ToGo database on Multi-Device applications:

•Deploying InterBase 2017 ToGo on Mac OS X

•What's New in InterBase 2017

•ToGo Quick Start

•InterBase 2017 ToGo Ed., Windows/Linux/macOS/iOS/Android

•Mobile Tutorial: Using InterBase ToGo with FireDAC (iOS and Android)

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