CodeRage XII: Delphi CData Amazon DynamoDB

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This week, during our annual CodeRage conference I had two sessions. Both on integrating Delphi apps with Amazon Web Services. The second one was on using new Enterprise CDATA connectors to work with Amazon DynamoDB No-SQL database. The presentation was titled "Integrating with Amazon DynamoDB using Delphi Enterprise CDATA Connector".

The source code of demo apps presented during the session and sample JSON data is available for download from here.

CDATA FireDAC Enterprise Connectors is a technology that was recently added to Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio. It is available as a separate add-on. With CDATA connectors you can integrate your apps with all kinds of APIs, as if they were a SQL-92 compatible database. Connectors are implemented as FireDAC drivers and you can use standard FireDAC components and libraries to work with systems like Amazon DynamoDB, which is a No-SQL database.

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