CodeRage III and chat fun

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I'm now watching another session from Cary Jensen on doing ASP.NET with Delphi Prism. Cary is doing great job! As much as I like watching Cary session I like chating in the CodeRage chat rooms.
I bet everybody is looking forward to real, face to face conference next year.

Here is a link that Anders posted a moment ago. I like the photo of David I:-)

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    Terry Kellum Monday, 8 December 2008

    When will we see the replays for the CodeRage sessions?
    I try to watch what I can during the sessions, but once CodeRage is done, I can take the sessions and open them in a browser and study the examples with Delphi open. If the phone rings, or something blows up, I can pause and catch my train of thought just where I left off.
    Using the replay sessions, I can study the examples and techniques with my full attention. Its very important to me to get the replay sessions so that I can get started on more concentrated study.

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