CodeRage III - Day 4 - Thursday, 5am to 8pm (Pacific Time)

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It’s the fourth (of five) day of CodeRage III.  It's Thursday and now there are only 1.5 days left for CodeRage III. 

This morning, in room #1, it's the Al Mannarino JBuilder and Java show.  Al is one of Embarcadero's Software Consultants in the US.  He is giving back to back to back technical sessions starting at 5am in Room 1.

You won't want to miss the "SQL Optimization for the Application Developer" session by Greg Nerpouni, Embarcadero Product Manager at 4:30pm in Room #1.

There will also be an encore presentation of the InterBase "Deploying Applications with InterBase SMP ToGo" today during the mid-day (in the US that is) break at 12:15pm in Room #1.

It's really not too late to register and join us for today and tomorrow for CodeRage III.

Thursday’s English language technical sessions include:
    5:00am - Model-driven Development (MDD) using JBuilder 2008 - Al Mannarino, Embarcadero
    6:15am - Visual EJB 3 Enterprise Development using JBuilder 2008 - Al Mannarino, Embarcadero
    7:30am - Advanced Swing Development using JBuilder 2008 Swing Designer - Al Mannarino, Embarcadero
    8:45am - What to Watch for When using XML for Data Export and Import - Jeroen Pluimers
    10:00am - Delphi Debugging for Dummies - Francois Gaillard
    11:15am - Using the Wide Information Bus (WIB) in kbmMW - Kim Madsen
    12:15pm - Deploying Applications with InterBase SMP ToGo - Shanauk Mistry, Embarcadero (Room #1)
    2:00pm - Creating ASP.NET Applications Using Delphi Prism - Cary Jensen
    2:00pm - Open Source: Triumphs, Trials and Lessons Learned - Michael Rozlog, EMbarcadero
    3:15pm - Why and When to Use DataTables in ASP.NET Applications - Cary Jensen
    3:15pm - How JBuilder 2008 Can Help with Reuse - Michael Rozlog, EMbarcadero
    4:30pm - The Power and the Possibilities of the RTTI in Delphi - Robert Love
    4:30pm - SQL Optimization for the Application Developer - Greg Nerpouni, Embarcadero
    5:45pm - Delphi Add-ins, Experts and Tips - Jim McKeeth
    5:45pm - Hacking - The Dark Arts - Ken Sipe
    7:00pm - CASE STUDY: Schemamatic - Calling & Revision-controlling Stored Procedures from Delphi - Avery Pennarun
    7:00pm - Virtualization using VMWare for QA Testing - Doug Chapman, Embarcadero

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