CodeRage 6 session replays for Wednesday, October 19

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Wednesday’s CodeRage 6 session replays are now available on the Embarcadero Developer Network’s Code Central repository. Join us tomorrow (the second to last day), Thursday October 20 for more technical sessions by top development experts. Also, check out the virtual exhibit hall where many of our technology partners have special offers for their products and services.

6:00am: VENDOR SHOWCASE: FireMonkey, VCL, and .NET united with Hydra by Sebastian Gingter - RemObjects Software.  RemObjects Hydra allows you to mix FireMonkey and VCL elements as well as integrate .NET parts.  This session shows you how to extend your existing VCL and .NET applications with modernized, FireMonkey based UI elements. (64.45)

7:00am: Prism Unleashed by Sebastian Gingter - RemObjects Software.  The Oxygene language from Prism was developed for managed environments and developer productivity. This session shows you some of the more 'hidden' language features like Class Contracts, Interface delegation, and Inline Interfaces that really boost your development performance. (54.12MB)

8:00am: RadPHP XE2 JQueryMobile Application Development by Al Mannarino - Embarcadero Technologies.  This session shows how to create a new Mobile Application and display data from a database on a JQueryMobile Mlist component. Then we deploy and upload the application onto an Android device or an iOS device (like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch). (96.52MB)

9:00am:  Multi-platform Development with FireMonkey by Anders Ohlsson - Embarcadero Technologies.  In this session, we give an introduction to FireMonkey. Learn the differences between FireMonkey and VCL, as well as what's the same. See examples of both HD and 3D applications. Also learn how to work with FireMonkey Styles, and how to interact with components. (134.43MB)

10:00am: Delphi Tips and Tricks by Marco Cantù - Wintech Italia Srl & Cary Jensen - Jensen Data Systems, Inc.  In this fun and entertaining presentation, Delphi experts Marco Cantù and Cary Jensen repeat a segment from their popular Tips and Tricks presentation from their Delphi Developer Days 2011 tour. In this session, Marco and Cary will share with you several Delphi tips that you can add to your development repertoire. (79.06MB)

11:00am: Delphi, Dependency Injection, and the Delphi Spring Framework by Nick Hodges - Gateway Ticketing Systems.  This talk covers the basics of Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, and how to use the Delphi Spring Container. It's code-centric and clearly shows how Dependency Injection can practically force you to write clean, testable code. (45.80MB)

12:00pm: Unit Testing with Delphi by Nick Hodges - Gateway Ticketing Systems.  This session discusses the "why's" and "how's" of unit testing using Delphi and DUnit. Learn why you should write unit tests, what units do for you, how you should go about writing your tests, and various techniques for writing good tests in Delphi. (58.29MB)

1:00pm: Advanced XML with Prism XE2 by Jim McKeeth - RemObjects Software.  This session covers advanced usages of XML with Embarcadero Prism XE2. The session consists of a series of scenarios with code examples of solving specific tasks and makes use of the .NET Framework. Also included are some Delphi examples of interoperability. (133.02MB)

2:00pm: VENDOR SHOWCASE: Data Abstract: Cross-platform Database Applications by Jim McKeeth - RemObjects Software.  This session covers using RemObjects Data Abstract to build cross-platform database applications. Learn to create applications on iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Mac OS X, Linux and more. A look at new features like Business Rules scripting and the latest edition of Server Explorer and Schema modeler are also included. (56.34MB)

3:00pm: InterBase XE Enhancements by Sriram Balasubramanian & Quinn Wildman - Embarcadero Technologies.  This session demonstrates debugging and deploying a Delphi XE2 FireMonkey application using InterBase XE (Server and ToGo) on Windows, and InterBase XE Server on Mac OS X. This session also presents available deployment options for your RadStudio XE2 applications with InterBase XE and showcases a few InterBase XE enhancements. (178.67MB)

4:00pm: C++ Audits in C++Builder XE2 by Bruneau Babet - Embarcadero Technologies.  XE2 introduced Audits for C++. In this session, see some of the Audits included and learn how the static analysis behind the “C++ Audits” feature can help you find code defects such as memory corruption. (118.84MB)

It's easy and free to register for the remaining two days of CodeRage 6.  Join the experts online at our totally technical online, virtual conference.

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    Rubén Wednesday, 19 October 2011

    Good Job publishing all this replays!

    Just a note: the link of the replay of 3.00 PM, InterBase XE Enhancements does not appear.
    The link is, just following the numeration of the previous and next links :D

    Good job again!

  • Guest
    David Intersimone Wednesday, 19 October 2011

    Ruben - thanks for pointing this out. I've fixed the blog post with the link. It was a long day (week) yesterday.

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