CodeRage 6 session replays for Tuesday, October 18

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Tuesday's CodeRage 6 session replays are now available on the Embarcadero Developer Network's Code Central repository.  Join us tomorrow, Wednesday October 19 for more technical sessions by many of the top developers in our community. Also, check out the virtual exhibit hall where many of our technology partners have special offers for their products and services.

6am:  New 3D Capabilities for Old 2D Projects by Vsevolod Leonov – Embarcadero Technologies. Where are truly 3D capabilities useful in the business software area? How do you increase business value of 2D projects by adding 3D modules? Some ideas are discussed in the context of traditional Delphi applications. (76.56MB)

7am:  Introduction to 64-bits on Windows by Alexander Alexeev - EurekaLab s.a.s. This session discusses the architecture of Windows 64-bit, its advantages and drawbacks, compatibility with the Win32 world, and 64-bit data model and migration of your Delphi projects to the world of 64-bits. (86MB)

8am:  Building JavaScript Web Applications with Delphi REST Servers by Marco Cantù - Wintech Italia Srl. Delphi can be used for web development by building a REST server (based on DataSnap) and a rich JavaScript client. A modern way for building flexible web applications. (70.34MB)

9am:  Building REST Clients in Delphi XE2 by Marco Cantù - Wintech Italia Srl. Delphi XE2 includes a new higher level architecture mapping Azure and Amazon Web Services. This session explores how to use this brand new abstraction layer. (87.51MB)

10am:  Creating Pure REST Servers Using DataSnap by Cary Jensen - Jensen Data Systems, Inc. This presentation shows you how to create pure REST Web services with Delphi without the dependencies normally introduced by DataSnap. Why you might want to do this is discussed, and examples of both JavaScript and Delphi clients for these services are demonstrated. (99.47MB)

11am:  ClientDataSets Part 3: Searching and Filtering ClientDataSets by Cary Jensen - Jensen Data Systems, Inc. In this continuation of his ClientDataSet series, ClientDataSet expert Cary Jensen demonstrates techniques for searching and filtering the data stored in a ClientDataSet. (88.59MB)

12pm:  FireMonkey FireStarter by Jeff Lefebvre. From layouts, animations and styles to 3D for desktop, mobile and tablets, this session covers the fundamentals of FireMonkey to guide you to making Rich HD applications faster than ever before. (91.96MB)

1pm:  Introduction to Building "Weblications" using Intraweb by Alister Christie - Intraweb is an excellent tool for building web-based applications and in this session you'll be introduced to it. (61.53mb)

2pm:  Using jQuery Mobile with Intraweb by Alister Christie - We will take the application we built in the prior session and mobilize it - so that it plays nicely with mobile devices that run iOS, Android, and others. We'll do this by making use of the jQuery Mobile framework to theme our application and the templating system built into Intraweb. (112.39MB)

3pm:  Creating Custom FireMonkey Controls by Ray Konopka - Raize Software. RAD Studio XE2 includes the brand new FireMonkey user interface framework. Like the VCL, FireMonkey is component-based, but unlike the VCL, FireMonkey is designed to be cross-platform. This session provides you with what you need to get started building custom FireMonkey controls. Specific topics include presentation mechanisms, user interactions, designer functionality, and deployment. (53.18MB)

4pm:  Skinning VCL Applications with VCL Styles by Ray Konopka - Raize Software. RAD Studio XE2 offers support for skinning-the ability to dynamically change the appearance of UI elements without coding changes. This session provides a detailed look at how a developer can leverage skinning in their apps, and how to identify potential issues. In addition, this session pays particular attention to adding skinning support to custom VCL controls. (41.68MB)

Register for the remaining CodeRage 6 sessions (if you haven't already done so).  Join the fun and take part in the Q&A sessions with the presenters.  You can also follow the conversations on Twitter using the #coderage6 tag and follow @coderage Twitter feed.

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