CodeRage 6 session replays for Thursday, October 20

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I've now uploaded Thursday’s (October 20) CodeRage 6 session replays to the Embarcadero Developer Network’s Code Central repository. Join us tomorrow, Friday, the last day of CodeRage 6 for the final technical sessions. We will finish at 12noon Pacific Time (UTC -7).  Also, check out the virtual exhibit hall where many of our technology partners have special offers for their products and services.

6:00am:  VENDOR SHOWCASE: FastReport VCL for RAD Studio XE2 by Denis Zubov - Fast-Reports.  See a demonstration of the differences between editions of FastReport VCL 2. Examples are shown of techniques for rapid development with FastReport VCL. (91.40MB)

7:00am:  Using Wait-time Analysis to Pinpoint Performance Bottlenecks by Scott Walz – Embarcadero Technologies.  In this presentation, learn how wait time analysis can be used to find performance bottlenecks that are causing your SQL database to wait. We also look at performing database load testing, identifying any troubling SQL code, and finally, tuning the troubled SQL code. (268.07MB) [upload coming next week]

8:00am: Learning Magic Tricks: The Beginners Guide to RTTI by Robert Love - State of Utah.  Learn what RTTI is and how to use it. This session is designed for those that have heard of RTTI, but don't know where to start. (58.33MB)

9:00am:  Practical Magic: Why would I use Delphi RTTI by Robert Love - State of Utah.  Attendees are shown several practical examples of how the RTTI in Delphi works. (60.03MB)

10:00am:  Magic Unleashed: A Deep Dive into the Delphi RTTI by Robert Love - State of Utah.  In this session, we pull back the covers and explore the internals of how RTTI.pas and TypInfo.pas work inside of Delphi exposing all of the RTTI options you have to use in your applications. (62.37MB)

11:00am:  Effectively Using CodeSite Express in RAD Studio XE2 by Ray Konopka - Raize Software.  CodeSite Express first appeared in RAD Studio XE. With the release of RAD Studio XE2, a new version of CodeSite Express is available. This session highlights the new features of CodeSite Express 5 and how RAD Studio developers can leverage them. (74.81MB)

12:00pm: UI Design with Raize Components and RAD Studio XE2 by Ray Konopka - Raize Software.  Raize Components is a user interface design system for Delphi and C++Builder. At its center is a collection of more than 125 general-purpose native VCL controls. This session demonstrates how developers use Raize Components to build sophisticated user interfaces in less time with less effort. In addition, specific attention is focused on new RAD Studio XE2 features such as VCL Styles and how they can be leveraged in Raize Components. (83.68MB)

1:00pm:  Cross-platform Regular Expressions by Cesar Marrero.  Introduction to the use of Regular Expressions in real-world applications. We discuss the variants of RegEx in native Delphi, .NET implementations, and JavaScript. See a demonstration of the productivity benefits of using RegEx in daily operations and programming tasks. The session includes example code and coverage of current RegEx tools. (49.49MB)

2:00pm:  The Future of Web Development by Cesar Marrero.  This session describes the next wave of web-based development, including HTML5 CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryMobile, and how Delphi programmers can use these technologies to create rich web interfaces to their native applications. The session is intended as an introduction to using a browser as the GUI layer instead of, or in addition to, the VCL-based interface to which Delphi programmers are accustomed. (44.45MB)

3:00pm:  Making Dual-compile Controls for VCL and FireMonkey by Boian Mitov - Mitov Software.  This session covers creating VCL controls that can compile and install both in the VCL and FireMonkey frameworks. (61.32MB)

4:00pm:  VENDOR SHOWCASE: Video, Audio, AI, and Computer Vision development using Mitov Software's FireMonkey components by Boian Mitov - Mitov Software.  Learn how to implement video & audio processing, artificial intelligence, DSP, and computer vision based applications using the Mitov Software’s FireMonkey components (VideoLab, AudioLab, VisionLab, IntelligenceLab, SignalLab). (112.49MB)

There is one more day of CodeRage 6 sessions, tomorrow, Friday October 21st.  We hope you will all join us for the final day that runs from 6am to 12noon.  You must REGISTER to take part.  Thank you for your support of Embarcadero Technologies products and events.

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