CodeRage 4 is happening now - LIVE!

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As of 5am Pacific Time (UTC -7) this morning we are live with CodeRage 4.  There are two session rooms running at the same time.  Anders Ohlsson is hosting in room #1, and I am running room #2.

It's not too late to register and attend!!!

This morning at 7am Pacific Time - Michael Rozlog will present the "RAD Studio Product Address" in room number 1.

The complete list of sessions and times are available at

We also have live chat rooms, live Q&A, and a virtual exhibit hall.

Come join the technical sessions.

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    Shane Holmes Monday, 7 September 2009

    I registered for all the talks. I got two emails neither of which the links gave me anything appropriate for the meeting sessions. This is the 4th year in the row I have had problems viewing the sessions. I GIVE UP! Code Gear please remove me from your mailing lists....its a waste of TIME!

    Shane Holmes
    ClearCycle Corporation

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    Bruce McGee Tuesday, 8 September 2009


    If you got the same e-mails that I did, then each one contains a link to one of the two tracks (Room1 and Room 2) that run all day long.

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    paul Tuesday, 8 September 2009

    Received all the emails, only not in daily order, so check which one you click on...

    As to the content. Fast presenter delivery, slow screen updates and dropped sound. Replays are probably the way forward for any of the detailed demonstration sessions.

    The only one I wanted to watch live was the "RAD Studio Product Address". Very disappointing in it's content. Nothing against Michael, but to not even offer any kind of timeline for the cross platform and 64 bit projects I think is appaling. We're not talking release dates here David, even a ballpark "D2012 64bit" would let us know where we stand.

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