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Right now, we have 300 people connected watching a DataSnap presentation, so after that we will have:
- Multi-threading in Delphi
- N-Tier in Delphi .NET
- Delphi and IBAdmin components

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Ahora, tendremos 300 personas conectadas asistiendo a la presentación sobre DataSnap, a seguir tenderemos:
- Desarrollo de aplicaciones multi-hilo con Delphi
- Tomando ventaja con el desarrollo multicapa en Delphi.Net
- Delphi y componentes IBAdmin

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  • Guest
    Eber Irigoyen Tuesday, 22 April 2008

    bad translation (both of them) and I really doubt the 300 people, was it "connected", or "registered"?

  • Guest
    Andreano Lanusse Thursday, 24 April 2008

    Eber, next time I invite you to connect and you will see 300 developers or more in our event.

    Developer Days III in Spanish had some times more them 300.


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