CNN's live, holographic, in-studio interviews last night - so cool!

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While watching the coverage of the election on CNN, they showcased a cool, live, "holographic" interview system that brought reporters and others out in the field right into the election central studio.  The technology is described on An article on Yahoo news called it an "awesome technological doohickey".  CNN called it "Virtual View".

The system used 35 HD cameras pointed at the subject in a ring and twenty computers to crunch the data in order to make it usable. I'd love to have something like this for our live webinars and CodeRage III virtual conference (ahh to have the money that CNN has).  I will just have to settle for a webcam, headset, and Live Meeting for now.

Here's a picture I took with my iPhone 3G of WILL.I.AM and Anderson Cooper on the CNN election coverage last night. It's almost like the Princess Leia hologram scene in Star Wars but way cooler and live!

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