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I was catching up with postings on the various developer newsgroups, community sites, Google + (Delphi and C++Builder) and other developer blogs and came up with several fun links talking about New Year's resolutions for 2014. As part of my own resolutions for the year, I am trying to blog about developer topics, programming, coding fun and more each day this year. I am writing ideas down, creating draft blog entries and trying to get them posted (sometimes, unfortunately, days after I started writing them). In any case, if you have developer topics you'd like me to cover this year, post comments or send me an email (davidi at embarcadero dot com). Now back to the New Year resolutions. For some of the resolutions I've added some of my own notes inside [] brackets.

O-Reilly Programming: "7 Ways to be a Better Programmer in 2014" by Amy Jollymore

  • Check Your Code First Before Looking to Blame Others

  • [Commit yourself to ]Continuous Learning

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Break Things

  • The Professional Programmer [take personal responsibility]

  • Take Advantage of Code Analysis Tools

  • Ubuntu Coding for Your Friends ["Creating software is a technical exercise mixed into a social exercise"]

  • You Gotta Care About the Code [David I: "amen"]

Note: Amy's blog post covered multiple avenues under each of the ways and related the items to books, articles and other sources for developers. I also liked reading some of the of the comments that included other ways including one by Estevez Atya: "understand what you do, do not just copy-paste".

Atlassian Blogs: "7 new year’s resolutions for team collaboration in 2014" by Ryan Anderson

  • Centralize your team’s information [David I: we use Confluence and Jira at Embarcadero]

  • Ask once, educate forever [David I: Confluence and our DocWiki help us keep info together]

  • Send fewer emails [David I: we have stand ups for every mini team]

  • Make your meetings count

  • Make better decisions, faster [David I: it's also good to get to a quick No!]

  • Do agile right [David I: we use Scrum at Embarcadero, have weekly Scrum of Scrums for RAD Studio]

  • Don’t forget the water cooler [David I: in Scotts Valley we have several water coolers :)]

Honestly, this blog post is not an advertisement or testimonial for Atlassian. We just love their stuff.

Top Ten 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Developers by Freddy Guime

  • Get involved in your local User Group community [David I: we're going to more meetups this year]

  • Take up listening to a programming podcast

  • Open up a GitHub Account

  • Read – if you haven’t already – Hacker News (

  • Go to a local programming/hacker conference

  • Choose a new technology and challenge yourself [David I: working with Cloud REST services, JSON and devices/gadgets]

  • Start a programming blog or podcast [David I: since I am already blogging, I am going to explore using Google Hangouts on Air in addition to all of the webinars and online events I participate in]

  • Organize a Hack-a-thon in your office and/or User Group [David I: here in Santa Cruz we have TechRaising - the next one will happen this spring]

  • Submit a paper or a topic to present at a conference or your local User Group [David I: doing a lot more of this in 2014, so is Jim Mckeeth]

  • Exercise, or at least stand up [David I: yikes, I do try to stand up but like snorkeling and scuba diving much more. I have recently purchased several iHealth Labs products. Expect to see a programming devices blog posts for some of them. Again, not a product advertisement nor endorsement.]

What programming/technology/development resolutions have you made for 2014? Post your comments.

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