CASE28 Conference in Croatia Delphi Presentation Today

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The power of 21st century technology today in action: doing live Delphi presentation during CASE28 Conference in Croatia without leaving my office in Amsterdam!

I really love going to Croatia and it is my favourite destination for SCUBA diving. Sometimes you just cannot be physically present in too many locations in short periods of time:-)

The presentation today was not too technical, however I have tried to demonstrate how easy it is to use Delphi and - using Rapid Application Development methodology - create fast, great looking, natively compiled apps for major mobile and desktop platforms from the same source code.

The starting point is great compilation technology to create fast machine code. But without libraries and hundreds of pre-built components compilers alone would not be so useful. On the next level the objective was to show using Delphi for integrating with all kinds of services, starting from traditional relational and no-SQL databases like InterBase and MongoDB, through Amazon and Azure web services integration to building complete end-to-end IoT-enabled enterprise solutions with Beacon Fence and RAD Server. That's where real developer productivity comes from!

There was plenty of questions, specially around proximity support and building cross-platform mobile user interfaces.

All the best to all Delphi and C++Builder developers in Croatia!

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