CAD with C++Builder, episode#3

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C++Builder as RAD tool is great for making CAD systems for learning purposes. But while learning, students one day inevitably ask "can we gradually develop our simple CAD system up to real one?" And the collateral question: "Is C++Builder great for learning, but is the tool applicable for real life development? Not ERP-kind DB-based SQL-centric UI-typical app, but with heavy OOP code inside and rich graphics outside?"

Keeping in mind, that C++Builder is "Delphi with C++ instead of Pascal", and consider both tools as very close RAD solutions, based on the same RAD principles, same VCL/FMX libraries, and are created by the same company. So the following example of a CAD (not mechanical, that we're making, but anyhow very impressive) developed with Delphi is a) valid b) impressive.

The post about 15 000 000 codelines (in 2013, now I guess more) proves the effectiveness of Delphi (and thus C++Builder) as highly professional development tool. And this is a true answer to the questions above.



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