C++ Libraries in GetIt: MurmurHash 3

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An ongoing project we have is to ensure more popular, well-known C++ libraries are updated to work with C++Builder, and available to you from within GetIt, our package manager. You may have seen a post earlier this year about real-world (non-demo) apps that you can use with C++Builder and CMake, for example, and this is related.

This week, I'd like to highlight MurmurHash 3.

MurmurHash is a very well known hash function (read its Wikipedia page). It can produce either 32-bit or 128-bit hashes of input data, and is famous for being fast and reliable.

Both MurmurHash 3 and its test suite, SMHasher, are available on GetIt.

When you use RAD Studio, you can mix C++ and Delphi code together. I have a blog post, video, and example source code for doing so, in both directions - adding Delphi to C++, and adding C++ to Delphi! If you want to make use of C++ libraries from within Delphi, check those out, and look into making use of RAD Studio.

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  • Mackenzie Blake
    Mackenzie Blake Friday, 2 November 2018

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