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The ISO C++ standard continues to move forward to match the demands of C++ applications and systems. The ISO C++ committee continues its work on the 2014 language minor update and the march to 2017's major update. The C++ 2014 CD ("committee draft") has been released. The current ISO C++ status can be found at http://isocpp.org/std/status. You can download the October 10, 2013 working draft C++ programming language standard at http://isocpp.org/files/papers/N3797.pdf. Below you will find a few recent and upcoming C++ happenings! 2014's going to be a great year for C++.

Bjarne and Herb together for 2 deep C++ days in San Jose - you won't want to miss it!

  • Super C++ Tutorial: Stroustrup & Sutter on C++ - During EE Live!

  • Spend two days, March 31 - April 1, 2014, with Bjarne and Herb in San Jose, CA, USA.


Michael Wong's Sept 2013 C++ committee meeting report (two parts)

Never been to an ISO C++ committee meeting? Michael Wong's has written a two part blog post reporting from the September 2013 C++ standards meeting.

The WG21 Committee

Meet some of the members, learn about the working groups and sub-groups and see how they are structured at:

Stroustrup's C++ Programming Language 4th Edition and C++ Tour books

In 2013 Bjarne released two C++11 books. Released in May, the long awaited update of his C++ Programming Language book arrived along with a book version of his Tour of C++:

C++ future and the pointer by Jens Weller

Jens Weller writes about the pointer, smart pointers and the need (or no need) for pointers in his article at http://www.meetingcpp.com/index.php/br/items/cpp-future-and-the-pointer.html

Scott Meyers' C++ presentation materials now available in book form

Scott Meyers, C++ trainer, consultant, author and presenter has taken his C++ presentation materials and added tons of annotations to create (in PDF form) a valuable C++ learning resource. Find out more about the presentation materials, Scott's course and how to purchase the PDF file at http://www.artima.com/shop/overview_of_the_new_cpp.

Embarcadero Technologies CodeRage 8 C++ Conference, February 25-26, 2014

Join Embarcadero and software development C++ experts from around the world at the CodeRage 8 C++ live online virtual conference. Save the Date: CodeRage C++ is coming February 25-26, 2014!

  • Start your FREE registration now! Registration hasn’t opened yet, but you can pre-register now and we’ll email you a reminder with a pre-filled form to submit and get the login info. Pre-Register Now

  • Interested in presenting? You can share your knowledge of mobile development, C++ programming tips, and software development best practices with thousands of your peers. Call for Papers

CodeRage 8 C++ Conference topics will include:

  • Multi-device development for Windows, Mac and mobile

  • Tips, tricks and techniques for VCL and the FM platform

  • FireDAC data connectivity

  • Making the move to mobile

  • Platform APIs and platform services

  • Hardware devices and sensors

  • Connecting to databases from desktop and mobile devices

  • Multi-tier application development with DataSnap, InterBase and REST

  • Development best practices

  • Optimizing mobile user experience

  • Success stories

  • … and much more!

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