C++ CodeRage7: My DataSnap session demo source code and slides

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The C++ CodeRage 7 virtual conference is great fun so far. Lots of great sessions and we had a great guest on Monday: Bjarne Stroustrup, who invented the C++ Programming language.

Right now in the virtual space there is my pre-recorded "Building scalable, multitier systems with DataSnap and C++Builder XE3" is happening and I'm getting ready for the live Q&A session. In the meantime I have uploaded slides and source code for the demos presented to Embarcadero CodeCentral.

There are two projects there. The first one is DataSnap "Hello World" system implemented with C++Builder XE3 and it demonstrates a few essential DataSnap techniques:

  • Building a DataSnap server application in C++ that listens on multiple TCP/IP ports

  • Creating a DataSnap C++Builder XE3 FireMonkey HD application, manually generating C++ client proxy code and how to use in the client GUI

  • Changing the functionality of the server and how to update client code

  • Using "DataSnap Client Module" wizard

  • Testing server functionality in Data Explorer

  • Adding role based security to server methods

The second demo ("accelerator") demonstrates using DataSnap "SQL Accelerator" feature that makes it possible to use TSQLConnection component on a client application and access the corresponding TSQLConnection component on the server. That's a very powerful technique and something that has been simplified in XE3 through enhanced "Modify Connection" Data Explorer tab for DataSnap connections.

Source code of my C++ DataSnap CodeRage7 session is available for download from here Embarcadero CodeCentral.

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