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Securifying (is that a word?) applications is a hot topic with developers and at developer conferences. Security is one of the top ten pain points for almost all enterprise IT software development organizations. I was reading an online article today titled, "Busting 6 deadly security myths" which appeared on the Asia Computer Weekly (ACW) web site today. The article, by Michael Cohn, talks about how fast hackers can adapt their tools to take advantage of new security vulnerabilities. Hackers can also distribute the tools of their trade across the Internet to allow others join in. With so many software companies focused on security issues, the article asks, "we are safe, right?" The article presents seven security myths with quotes from experts, examples of attacks, and advice for users. You can find the printer version of the article at http://www.asiacomputerweekly.com/PrintArticle.cfm?Artid=26688&catid=3&subcat=50.

JBuilder 2005 includes software from Fortify that helps developers secure applications "from the inside out". Read more about JBuilder and Fortify.

You can search for other security components and libraries that work with Delphi, C++Builder and JBuilder by using the Borland Technology Partner (BTP) directory at http://btp.borland.com/btpcentral.exe/default. Select the Borland products you are using (you can multi-select by using the control key and the left mouse click) and select the "Security System" product category.

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    Jim Cooper Tuesday, 26 April 2005

    Is it 6 myths or 7 myths? :-)

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