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I haven't blogged much here in September, because I wrote two blog posts on the Embarcadero community site (given they were more official blog posts -- I generally blog on my personal blogs and the content is surfaced on the Embarcadero community):

Build Flexible and Robust Apps with a Multi-Tier Architecture at this blog post covers the evolution from client/server architectures (and their different flavors) to multi-tier models, highlighting where Delphi fits in the overall picture and how you can plan migrating your code Beyond RAD Studio Pro: Why Developers Choose Enterprise and Architect at this blog post is focused on the additional value provided today (and in the near future) in the Enterprise and Architect SKUs of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio.

I have a couple of more technical blog posts I'll write on my personal blog,, and also a summary of the events I've been to in London and Utrecht over the last two weeks. Stay tuned.

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