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It seems my first post didn't actually get syndicated.  I really should have caught this myself but when I went add my own feed to my bloglines account I thought “that seems a little weird doesn't it, why would I want to read my own feed?“ and so I didn't do it.  Now I know there is a good reason to do it: To make sure it's working!. Especially when you are dealing with a blogging tool that leaves the door wide open for error.  Take a look at this screenshot from a part of the entry screen for creating and editing posts in the .text blogging client:

Notice where the checkboxes are on top relative to what they are for.  Now look at where there are in the “Advanced Options” section.  They are on the opposite side!  How whacked is that?  Checkboxes that appear to the right of the text they represent are counter-intuitive enough by themselves, but when you start mixing them with checkboxes on the left, that's just plain bad.

Anyway, if you haven't figured it out by now, the reason my first post wasn't syndicated is that I hadn't checked the right checkbox.

Thanks to Nick Hodges for pointing that out to me on his blog.
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    Robert Love Monday, 19 July 2004

    I agree the interface is really bad.

    I have made several change to the interface so that it will hopefully be more useable.

    If everything goes as planned you should see the new interface later this week.

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    Lachlan Gemmell Monday, 19 July 2004

    Maybe you could pass this wisdom onto the other Borland bloggers. They all seem to be making the same mistake and their feeds are very quiet as a result.

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