Big interest in Appmethod on Android Developer Days in Ankara

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I have spent almost the whole day yesterday at the Appmethod booth at the Android Developer Days in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. That was great and very encouraging experience. The event was organized in the biggest technical university in Turkey and it was very well attended with close to two thousand people.

Appmethod booth was very well located at the main entrance to the exhibition hall. The team from btgrubu, Embarcadero partner in Turkey, was doing great job explaining what Appmethod is and the benefits of creating native, compiled apps in the visual way from the same codebase for both Android and iOS.

There were constantly interested young students and developers interested in live demonstration of Appmethod and reception was very warm. Some of them were clearly amazed with Appmethod and what it can do!

Students and young developers are amazed with Embarcadero Appmethod! I loved their open minds and enthusiasm!

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