Beacons and Delphi in Amsterdam

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It is the second day of CodeRage XI today! CodeRage is Embarcadero's annual online developer conference and I'm kicking off the Day 2 with my presentation about "Beacons and Delphi in Amsterdam".

During the session I'm going to demonstrate how to build mobile apps with Delphi and C++Builder that are using beacons for accurate location information. I'm also going to show practical examples of using Delphi with Amsterdam Open Beacon Network and Amsterdam Open Data integration.

Here are the slides from CodeRage XI Beacon Delphi and C++Builder sessions today. Enjoy! Beacons and Delphi in Amsterdam.pdf

The session is divided into four parts:

  1. What are beacons?
  2. Using beacons in RAD Studio
  3. IoT in Amsterdam
  4. Beacons and Delphi in Amsterdam

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