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Delphi seminar in Warsaw last week was very good and inspiring. Almost 300 Delphi developers gathered on Thursday in Hotel Gromada Centrum to watch new Delphi 2007 for Win32 and Delphi for PHP.

Delphi truly ROCKS!!!

The seminar was very interactive, with lots of questions from the audience. After brief introduction to CodeGear I had a pleasure and lots of fun demonstrating Delphi 2007 for Win32 support for latest Vista features like "glass effect", new Delphi database driver framework - DBX4, and new Delphi build engine based on MSBuild.

The final part of the seminar was all about Delphi for PHP. Delphi developers were really excited to see this new, and INNOVATIVE, product. This was the right product for the right audience. At the beginning of the conference I have asked who was already programming Delphi, and with no surprise all hands went up. Another question who was already doing some PHP development and again all hands up. I was not expecting EVERYBODY to be familiar with PHP programming.

Great thing about this event, was the fact that I could speak in my native Polish language and meet old good friends from BSC Polska who are representing CodeGear in Poland and listening to good heavy metal music:-) Do zobaczenia Warszawo!

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