Are you sleep walking into XP end of life?

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Today I came across an excellent blog post by Simon Rice from the ICO looking at the business reasons you and your customers need to look to get off XP. Microsoft XP goes end of life on 8th April.

If you are still developing on XP and on an old edition of Delphi of C++ Builder then now is a great time to upgrade with special offer running to the end of March for those on any old edition.

For more about the latest offers on RAD Studio, Delphi and C++ Builder, including a current promotion of 50% off the mobile pack for XE5 then visit now!

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    Luigi Sandon Wednesday, 12 March 2014

    Please stop selling nonsense. Delphi XE5 still targets XP, and any properly-written application built with any 32 bit tools since Windows 2000 will work without issues in Windows 7 or 8.x.
    XP end-of-life may be a problem for system administrators - not for developers.
    Upgrade your OS - but there's no reason to upgrade Delphi until it can really target fully 7, 8, 2008 and 2012. Something it doesn't yet.

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    David M Wednesday, 12 March 2014

    Luigi, you need to back up assertions like that.

    Sure, XE5 lets you target XP if you really need to - but it supports all the new stuff in newer versions of Windows, which you can't do if you're using an ancient version. Ie you win: you support new things and can still support old customers if you need to, which is a much better position than being stuck only able to support old ones. As far as I can tell, that's the point of the article. People are migrating off XP; your code should be able to support the new Windows versions and features that users will now be running. To do that, upgrade to a newer dev environment which supports those modern features.

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    Stephen Ball Wednesday, 12 March 2014

    Often we are not just developer we are also IT advisors. Maybe an alternative title would have been are your customers sleep walking into XP end of life,

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    Luigi Sandon Wednesday, 12 March 2014

    Sorry, I can support any Windows API with older versions of Delphi. As long as they can call into a Windows API, I can do that. My applications support much more Windows features that those available in XE5, despite being written with older versions of Delphi.
    I can't support newer features like WinRT - but XE5 can't as well. As for "Modern UI", a skin is not enough, and after all I could skin my applications far before Delphi introduced its skin engine.
    Sure, people are migrating off XP and Delphi developers who still write bad applications using Windows 3.1 habits will have to start to write Windows 2000-compliant applications, a bit late, maybe, but better late than never. Just they could do with any Delphi version, they only need a 64-bit version if they want to deliver 64-bit applications.
    There's really nothing in XE5 that supports newer 7 and 8 features (oops, maybe the new dialog styles, and little more, even the glass frame support is useless, since it is removed in 8).
    Is a more recent version of Delphi "better"? Maybe, surely it has some features more. But upgrading is a decision that has nothing to do with XP end-of-life - if someone's applications aren't already running on 7, 8 or 2012, I guess they've been useless in the past five years.
    Beside that, there could be customers who can't easily migrate away from XP. There are systems driving expensive equipements for which drivers could be available for XP only. For the matter, I've seen system still running NT and 2000... and you may need to mantain software running on them.

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