AppWave 3.0

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It's now here!! AppWave 3.0 - An Enterprise PC store that enables smooth delivery of Apps to your End Users.

In this new latest release, we now have more than 250 Free Apps that you can try out and experience AppWave.


Some of the key additions to the AppWave 3.0 release are AppWave Editions

  1. AppWave for ERWin 

  2. AppWave for TOAD

  3. AppWave for Altova XMLSpy and

  4. Free Edition

In the next series of blog posts, we shall explore on How-To Master an App in AppWave and Broadcast the same.

We shall be mastering a simple Delphi Native 32 bit EXE using an Installer and from scratch using only the single executable.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you may download AppWave here

Download AppWave Today!

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