Appmethod 1.16 Spring Release - Now Available!

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The Spring release of Appmethod is out!

Appmethod customers can get the latest version of Appmethod by going to:

For a complete list of whats new, check out the What's New Doc Wiki

FireMonkey Changes

New FireMonkey enhancements include iOS native presentations for the TListView, TSwitch, TMemo, TMultiView, TCalendar, and TEdit controls.

FireMonkey now supports the use of TWebBrowser for Windows and OS X.

Interactive Maps for Android and iOS with support for four types of maps (normal, satellite, hybrid, and terrain (android only)), gesture control, controlling the map view, and custom markers.

Enhancements to on device camera with support for saving photos directly to the device Photo Library.

FireMonkey now provides standard actions that can be used to control any instance of TMediaPlayer.


Run-Time Library Changes

New HTTP Client API en easy way to create an HTTP client, send requests to HTTP servers, and handle their responses.

Proximity awareness is now possible with support for iBeacon and AltBeacon.

New Classic Bluetooth component lets your app interface with a Classic Bluetooth device using a component-based approach.

New Object Pascal Data Types, FixedInt and Fixed Unit. For iOS platforms, LongInt and LongWord are not platform-dependent integer types.


Object Pascal and C++ Changes

Compiler support for 64-bit iOS device, and much more - be sure to check the dockwiki for the full list!


IDE Changes

iOS Device - 64 bit platform has been added.

With the new Multi-Device Preview, you can preview how your application looks on different devices. The Multi-Device Preview displays a preview of the design area on several devices at the same time. You can select the devices to preview.

The Device Manager shows a grid with the available device pressets and lists available devices to use at design time.

Settings Migration Tool allows you to import and export configuration settings between RAD Studio and Appmethod and also between different versions of both products.

Mercurial Version Control System integrated in the IDE.


Database and Connectivity Changes

Updates to FireDAC indlude Teradata Database native driver, SQLite driver, and the ability to migrate exisiting dbExpress apps to newer database technologies such as FireDAC.

Enterprise Mobility Services a turn-key middleware solution with new support for push notifications. The EMS Management Console app has also been updated.

64-bit iOS device database compatibility.

... and much more! Check out the docwiki for a complete list of changes and new features for Appmethod 1.16.

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