AnDevCon Boston '14 Interview

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Recently the Appmethod team headed down to the beautiful city of Boston for one of the largest Android shows on the US East Coast, AnDevCon. We sponsored the event and had many great conversations about Android development with fellow developers.

At AnDevCon, we also showed off the latest build of Appmethod with some of the newest features including C++ 11 to build multi-device apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS X. C++ is a powerful object oriented language that makes building multi-device apps in Appmethod even easier and we showcased the preview build of Appmethod with full support for C++ on all platforms. And our C++ support also comes with full support for automatic reference counting for garbage collection. To see it in action, take a look at the C++ preview.

After the event was over, we did a great interview with TechnologyAdvice, one of the media sponsors at AnDevCon, discussing the future of multi-device app development and some of the common problems app developers face today. You can listen to our interview as well as interviews from other companies like Paypal on the their Tech Conference calendar.

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