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Starting today and running through August 24th, you can choose a second tool FREE when you buy one of our industry-leading database and development tools, including Delphi®, ER/Studio®, Rapid SQL®, C++Builder®, JBuilder®, DBArtisan®, and most of our other database and application development, design, management or testing tools. During these challenging economic times, you don’t have to choose between one tool and another to fit your budget. For more information on this limited-time offer, go to

You can also use our product selector guide on the Buy One Get One Free information page to get more familiar with Embarcadero's tools for Database Management and Monitoring, Application and Database Modeling, Java and Web Development and RAD Development. You can also learn more about which products complement each other, how you can round out your tool portfolio, and maybe even learn about tools you didn’t know were part of the Embarcadero portfolio.

How can you check to see which products are available? You can use our handy Qualifying Product Selector  Web Application to do your own purchasing "what if" analysis. This web application can help you decide which tool you can select for free based on which product you want to purchase.

When you purchase a qualifying Embarcadero product at regular list price, you will get a coupon which entitles you to a second product of equal or lesser value for free. How do you redeem your free product coupon? You can redeem your coupon and select a free application by going to

The Buy One, Get One Free promotion is all about extending your application development and database tool portfolio by letting you to choose another* Embarcadero tool you want.  This special offer ends August 24th.  Go to the Buy One Get One Free web page at

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David Intersimone (known to many as David I.) is a passionate and innovative software industry veteran-often referred to as a developer icon-who extols and educates the world on Embarcadero developer tools. He shares his visions as an active member of the industry speaking circuit and is tapped as an expert source by the media. He is a long-standing champion of architects, developers and database professionals and works to ensure that their needs are folded into Embarcadero's strategic product plans. David holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, California.


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    Roland Gekeler Wednesday, 30 September 2009

    Hello ! I bought my update from Delphi 5 Enterprise to 2010
    on Sept, 22 2009.
    I have not received any coupon for the free product, so i have not registered my new license.
    I waited until today and now after some emails i must hear that the free product isnt available for me ?

    Who can help me ?

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