A problem with some software developers

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Invariably, in InterBase support we get customers who have XYZ application to use with InterBase who really should be contacting the developer of XYZ application instead of us. However, when they contact the developer, the developer says, "That's an InterBase problem, we can't help you". In one customer case I had today, the customer had support from their developer, but he wouldn't help. IMHO, these developers are disserving their customers. Here are 3 specific examples of customers I have talked to of recent who I believe would have better server talking to the developer who made their software.

1. Customer didn't know many user licenses to get for their application. It appeared to me the application was actually creating more than 4 connections per instance of the application. Naturally, I can use InterBase administrative tools to see how many connections there are, but I cannot explain why there are so many.

2. The customer wanted to backup their database and their developer, for whom they had support, would not tell them how. The customer was also trying to connecting to their database using terminal services with IBConsole, which we do officially do not support, but many people use. When I got them off terminal services all was fine. Again, the developer would not even tell them how to simply connect with IBConsole.

3. It appeared to me a developer shipped a full version of his product with a trial version of InterBase. The customer then deployed with it, and when the trial expired the customer was up a creek without a paddle and I had to clean up the mess. The developers model here was that the customer could get the full working version of InterBase before the trial expired. IMHO, including a trial with a working product is a problem waiting to happen. We do need to make it easier for developers to make trial versions of their product with a trial version of InterBase, but I think the developer blew it here.


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