A Happy Accident and a Silly Accident

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By now you’re all aware that we’re getting ready to move to a new building here in Scotts Valley. This process is giving us a chance to clean out our offices and during all these archeological expeditions, some lost artifacts are being (re)discovered. Note the following:

SNC00041 SNC00042

These are some bookends that my father made for me within the first year after moving my family to California to work on the Turbo Pascal team. He made these at least two years before Delphi was released, and at a few 6 months before we even began work on it in earnest. Certainly before the codename “Delphi” was ever thought of. I suppose they are my “happy” accident.

This next one is just sad. I received this award at the 2004 Borcon in San Jose from, then Borland President/CEO, Dale Fuller. My title at that time was “Principal Architect”… Of course I like to think that I have strong principles, and maybe that was what they were trying to say… Within a week or so after I got this plaque, another one arrived with the correct spelling of my title. I keep this one just for the sheer hilarity of it. Also, it is a big chunk of heavy marble, so maybe one day I can use to to create a small marble topped table…


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    Mike Dixon Tuesday, 23 February 2010

    "...He made these ... before the codename “Delphi” was ever thought of."

    Wow. Fate is funny sometimes!

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    Xepol Tuesday, 23 February 2010

    Nice bookends!

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    Allen Bauer Wednesday, 24 February 2010


    Yes, my father is a talented woodworker. Growing up he built a lot of the furniture in our home. It's been his hobby for as long as I remember. My late mother was also an incredible artist. I should post a photo of the Monet replica that's been hanging in my office for years.

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