50 Things I Like

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Delphi The Delphi Community Clipmate (written in Delphi, by the way) Everything search tool NBA Basketball My Nexus 5x phone Visual Studio Code Notepad++ Taylor Swift Bruce Springsteen Cream Cheese Traveling Evernote Being married Being a Dad Twitter Lonesome Dove Casablanca Taking a nap on Sunday afternoon Working at Gateway Ticketing Netflix The Spring for Delphi Framework The Delphi MVC Framework Patty Griffin Dogs Mat Kearney Cool Spring days Iced Tea Raize Components (and yes, I liked them before Embarcadero bought them.  ? ) Harry Potter Loosely coupled code The Minnesota Timberwolves The Chrome Browser Freedom Facebook Donating to open source projects Raspberry Pi Loyalty Amazon.com Butter Pickled Herring Giving presentations at conferences Writing code The Good Wife Spiderman My Roku The Caine Mutiny (The book, not the movie.  The movie was terrible) Birds of Prey – all kinds Black Panthers Wood burning stoves.
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I'm a Delphi developer and a Senior Developer at Gateway Ticketing.


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