50 Things I Don’t Like

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Donald Trump Heavily coupled code When people think that Delphi is dead Pineapple on Pizza Mean people Rap “Music” Not having enough battery Wires The New York Yankees Restaurants that don’t have free wireless C++ Waiting Hillary Clinton Kanye West Bad grammar Stop lights Lima Beans The Caps Lock key When Windows steals the focus and your keystrokes go somewhere you don’t want them to Cleaning the bathroom Whoopi Goldberg Little dogs that yap and yap and yap When people don’t mean it when they agree to a EULA Tabs in source code Cold, rainy days Meaningless variable names The Lord of the Rings books May 4th as “Star Wars Day” (Stop talking like Daffy Duck) Cancer Mowing the lawn Delphi’s ‘with’ statement Cleaning litter boxes Headphones that tangle Smugness.  I can take arrogant, but not smug. Apple Winter Software pirates Being sick Dress codes When my team loses Long meetings Cauliflower Global Variables The Green Bay Packers Being overweight Entities that oppose Uber Badly formatted code Really spicy food Cable companies When my wife is away.
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