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128 countries were represented in last week’s C++ Builder Summer Camp. Only the US representation was almost one thousand people. Pretty awesome stats! Surprisingly many did not know that C++ Builder even existed, and ten years ago it was the main C++ IDE. Things can change dramatically in the software world. It is exciting to be back in the game with a cool, updated, and powerful product. Yes, there are a lot of free IDEs for C++ and some other respectable commercial tools, but if one wants to build visual, cross-platform applications very fast and efficiently, nothing comes close. The Product Management team was so excited to hear the positive feedback from attendees that the product roadmap is growing as we speak. The bottom line is that our tools can add a lot of value in today’s competitive tools market for C++ that it is all that matters.

We plan to follow suite with a large Delphi Boot Camp as well. With a similar format, we expect the number of participants to be phenomenal. Unlike our Fall Code Rage event that usually attracts several thousand people, the focus of this effort will be on New Developers, especially students of all ages. The Delphi language deserves a growing popularity in education and we are committed to support more and more initiatives to accomplish this, so stay tuned. To reach this objective, we will require the support of the Community. We are a not a huge company, but with the viral support that you provide, we can make a difference. We are seeing continuous growth in our Social footprint, so things are working.

I know that core to this is product. We released an updated Product Roadmap that shows some of the things to come. I think that Berlin 10.1 is the best version to-date to support education, with a better installation experience, many improvements to the FireMonkey cross-platform framework, and a visual development approach that is highly intuitive. Features like Real Time Preview should make the development experience much more engaging. Also, our support for 2D gaming has improved a lot, and in fact, we plat to ship Berlin 10.1 updates with source code for several games.


So proud of our Product and Marketing Teams!

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Atanas Popov is the General Manager of Embarcadero Technologies. He is responsible for creating and executing the company's global business strategy. He is a passionate technologist with deep experience in product development, marketing and sales. Prior to IDERA & Embarcadero, Atanas led the Media business at Acxiom. He was a portfolio CEO for several Versata/Trilogy companies and co-fouded two technology start-ups in Healthcare and Ad tech. Atanas brings over 10 years in management consulting experience from Deloitte.


  • van V13533
    van V13533 Thursday, 18 August 2016

    C++ Builder is good. Just sad that it does not focus on young programmer and university.

  • Yilmaz Yoru
    Yilmaz Yoru Wednesday, 17 August 2016

    C++ Builder is a strong compiler and IDE, multi platform support with the same code on MacOs, iOS, Android, is awesome . For the fastest codes C++ is the best. Games, Analysis, 3D Software, some controllers, IoTs can be codded well. You can do whatever you want to. Just Dream :) Delphi is also same, little bit slower but easy to code and easy to solve errors on lines.

  • Al Taylor
    Al Taylor Tuesday, 16 August 2016

    C++ Builder has long been a hidden and unwanted child. Now you see the potential. Great. its good, tell the world, and we must. Another American Company, Faircom, is fighting against the same Giants as you are, and holding its own. Why not be brothers in arms, instead of ignoring each other. Help them get a FireDAC driver up. They have so much to offer, as do you. Al

  • David Millington
    David Millington Wednesday, 17 August 2016

    Hi Al! C++ PM here - can you drop me an email, please? david dot [email protected]

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