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Changing TMultiView's Fill Color Tip of the day: How to change TMultiView's fill color 1. Add TMultiView to your form 2. Right-click on the control and select 'Edit Default Style'.  This opens the integrated Style Designer 3. Select 'MultiViewStyle' in the Structure Pane 4. In the Object Inspector, select Fill > Brush to change the color 5. When done, click on the 'x' in the top right hand corner to apply the color change 6. Repeat these steps for each platform where you want to make a TMultiView fill color change...
Applying a custom style to your Windows and Mac application I recently got a question on how to best apply a custom FireMonkey style to a Windows and Mac application. We have detailed documentation and videos on working with custom styles, but I thought I would provide a quick tutorial today that outlines the key steps. Part of our Bonus Pack (available to Update Subscription customers) are over ten premium FireMonkey styles. These styles allow you to quickly overhaul the look of your application with a custom look and feel. Each style has built-in support for multiple resolutions.

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Custom buttons and the integrated Style Designer With the integrated Style Designer in RAD Studio Berlin, you can quickly create custom image buttons. For creating entire multi-device styles from scratch, we recommend you use the Bitmap Style Designer, available via the Tools menu. Create a new FireMonkey multi-device application. Select a "Style" from the drop-down menu in the FireUI Designer. This will allow you to create a custom style for that platform. You can also change the platform in the Style Designer later. Drop a TButton onto ...

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New VCL Calendar Controls in Berlin Anniversary Edition The new VCL calendar controls in RAD Studio Berlin Update 2 Anniversary Edition mimic WinRT UI controls while providing support for older versions of Windows.     Get More. Do More. Spend Less. To celebrate the launch of 10.1 Berlin Update 2 - Anniversary Edition, take advantage of our time limited offer: 10% off Professional, 15% off Enterprise and 20% off Architect. Offer ends November 30, 2016.  ...
Increase productivity with Quick Edits in Berlin Anniversary Edition Introduced in RAD Studio Berlin Update 2 Anniversary Edition, Quick Edits is a great new IDE productivity feature for VCL developers. Using the Form Designer, Quick Edits allow you to rapidly modify the name, caption, alignment, layout and color of a control, copy the component name, quickly layout a form from a template, connect images and image lists, and bind the control to a data source or data field.

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