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Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin is Speaking at CodeRage XII Here in the Delphi community, we all know Dr. Bob Swart, and CodeRage wouldn’t be complete without him (he has a session this year on Customizing DataSnap Method Output, don’t worry.). This year we are also hearing from Uncle Bob, the author of Clean Code – A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship. This is one of those “must reads” that all software developers should have on their bookshelf. I had an opportunity to see Uncle Bob speak a few years ago, and it was very memorable. This sess...

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Experimenting with Neural Networks – Part 5 Best viewed in full screen. Source Code: ai-example-20171018
Experimenting with Neural Networks – Part 4 Best viewed in full screen.

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Adding a Custom Icon to a FireMonkey Button In today's blog post, I am outlining how to create custom FireMonkey buttons. In this case, I am using the blue Windows 10 style included in RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo.   

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Join Andrea Magni in Millan for a Special ExtJS Event A special event combining Delphi and Ext JS is coming with Embarcadero MVP Andrea Magni in Milan this October 26th. Are you a Delphi developer looking for a modern web solution? Would you like to offer a web user interface as effective as your desktop application’s one? Is a mobile web app suitable to your needs instead of taking the complexity of build and distribute native mobile apps? Are you looking for a new technology to upgrade your existing web proposal? Delphi has been and...

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