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Senior Product Manager, Developer Tools

FireMonkey Android Compatibility Patch for RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo We have released a FireMonkey Android Compatibility Patch for RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo. You can download it at:
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RAD Server Solution Series: [Healthcare] Nurses Station I am kicking off a RAD Server solution focused blog series that highlights great use cases for RAD Server across different industries. This week's post highlights a nurses station solution designed for a healthcare deployment. RAD Server is a turn-key application foundation for rapidly building and deploying services based applications. RAD Server enables developers to quickly build new application back-ends or migrate existing Delphi or C++ client/server business logic to a modern services based architecture that is open, stateless, secure and scalable. RAD Server is easy to develop, deploy and operate making it ideally suited for ISVs and OEMs building re-deployable solutions. RAD Server allows you to take your existing code and convert it to REST API endpoints.
New Enterprise Connectors for Delphi and C++Builder - Join the Beta We’re excited to announce our partnership with CData to offer 80+ Enterprise Connectors.   The result of a year-long collaboration effort with CData, Enterprise Connectors leverages Embarcadero’s RAD Studio FireDAC technology to remove the complexity in connecting to multiple data sources, and make CData's adapters easily accessible to Delphi and C++ developers. We will soon be kicking off an Enterprise Connectors Beta for Update Subscription customers. CData Enterprise Connector Pac...
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Scale and Save with RAD Server We have received many questions from customers lately related to RAD Server licensing options and pricing. RAD Server provides many benefits. Developers can rapidly build and deploy services based applications, and achieve significant cost savings. Best of all, unlike other options, RAD Server fees do not increase as you scale usage. Features, such as multi-tenancy support, added in 10.2 further help customers realize dramatic savings. If you are a Delphi or C++ developer, RAD Server is your...
Quickly build a Daily Reminders Mac application using FireMonkey I use the default Reminders app on my iPhone all the time, and thought I would highlight how easy it is to build a daily reminders application using FireMonkey.
FireMonkey Native and Custom Styles in Action - Video This video shows building a profile screen for your multi-device application using the FireMonkey framework with both native UI support and custom styling. Highlighted in the video are custom multi-device styles included in Embarcadero's premium style bonus pack and custom styles from   ...
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May 2017 Roadmap Commentary from Product Management After the 10.2 Tokyo release that introduced Delphi for Linux, we launched our annual developer survey. The survey ran for a couple of weeks and ended at the end of April. Participation in our survey was exceptional (50% higher participation than in the past), providing lots of invaluable feedback to the product management team. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in our survey. The survey results were very helpful for finalizing our roadmap plans.  
Adding a custom style selector to your VCL application Adding a style selector menu to your application only takes a couple of lines of code and allows you to quickly update your existing user interface while providing added flexibility to your customers. To add a style selector, I added a combobox to the form with the following code: uses VCL.Themes; procedure TForm9.StyleSelectorChange(Sender: TObject); begin TStyleManager.SetStyle(StyleSelector.Text); end; procedure TForm9.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); var StyleName: string...
Creating a profile screen for your mobile application Many mobile applications today include a profile screen. Popular music apps display your favorite musician's bio along with song and album details and concert information on the artist's profile page while social media apps display your hometown information, recently visited locations, profile photo, number of followers and more. I decided to create a nice sample that shows how you can easily implement a profile screen in your own FireMonkey application.
FireMonkey and VCL Style Packs from KSDev, the company behind FMX for Linux, has launched a new site,, focusing on great custom user interface themes for both FireMonkey and VCL. Customers can purchase a number of style packs for quickly customizing the look and feel of their multi-device applications. They currently offer multiple style packs for sale.

Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: