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If you are not sure if Rad Studio fits you, you can download the trial and test the different features without paying anything till being sure, but a platform couldn't be tested without paying (If you don't have an Apple development subscription already) it's iOS Device, as you have to pay Apple for a developer subscription (99$ a year) but now this has changed, Apple has recently released a free subscription that will allow us to fully test all the platforms of Rad Studio using the Trial. To get our free subscription we should sign up for a Apple ID, add it in XCode → Preferences → Accounts after that click in View Details and create your iOS Developer&nb...

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A new feature included in Rad Studio 10 Seattle has gone unnoticed, I'm talking about the Background modes for iOS Apps. As we can see in the Apple documentation iOS has a way to specify that some of our App actions can be executed in background mode. In Rad Studio this is also implemented in the version info config, in this release a new Key UIBackgroundModes has been added to perform this operation. As a quick sample of this new feature we can use the FMMusicPlayer sample included in Rad Studio, in our sample we will modifiy that key to audio. Then when executing our modified FMMusicPlayer and play a song if we run another app, or simply going to the main dashboar...

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On 15th of November the HTML5 Builder QA Team was in the VLCTesting where we learned very good experiences and shared knowledge, amongst this was the software Sonar, Right now in HTML5 Builder we are not using that tool but we found interesting to add a continuous inspection method to our continuous integration method and we decided to dig a little in that tool. First of all we have to explain the funcionalities of Sonar, Sonar analyzes your code for bad habits like duplicity and controls the use of standards, unit tests, potential bugs, design and many other features, So if before starting the whole process of build-test-packaging of our application we make sure that our application is ...
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