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RAD Studio 2010 - IDE Insight Part 1 "Where on earth are my sunglasses?" After searching for a full five minutes, I finally find them and get on my way to Embarcadero to take care of more important business. Most of us have set down our keys and forgotten exactly where. We *know* we saw them a while ago, but where exactly? A few seconds delay, or a few minutes, an unwelcome interruption. Valuable neuron time wasted on the mundane. The same problem happens using software. You're happily working away, firmly in the zone, when y...

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Hello world! .MODEL SMALL .STACK 100 .DATA Message db 'Hello, world$' .CODE start: mov  ax,@data mov  ds,ax mov  ah,9 mov  dx,Message int  21h mov  ax,04c00h int  21h END  start...

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