Developer Skill Sprint - Build Multiple Form Factors with a Real-time Preview of Each UI WIndows 10   Windows 10 Is Coming SOON, Make Sure You Are Ready for It! Windows 10 Technical Preview and RAD Studio XE8 Installation Checklist Apply the all new Windows 10 style pack to your app The global launch of Windows 10 is right around the corner! Microsoft is gearing up for the fastest roll out of a major new Windows version and expects a huge adoption rate. The beta program alone has seen over 3.9 million testers. During the Build conference, Microsoft unveiled its expectation that the full release of Windows 10 will be running on over 1 billion devices within the first two to three years. Learn More > Fire UI Resources Blog Post by Sarina Multi Device Preview Doc Wiki TWebBrowser Component and Multi-Device Preview Custom Views Doc WIki: Adding a Customized View to the View Selector
Developer Skill Sprint - Understand User Behavior with AppAnalytics This blog post supports the Developer Skill Sprint covering how to Understand User Behavior with AppAnalytics which aired 05/19/2015. Understand your users, wherever they are, with AppAnalytics Embarcadero® AppAnalytics is the first analytics service for mobile, desktop, and wearables. Understand your end users, wherever they are, to deliver better apps and experiences. Track and measure how often apps are used, which platforms they are running, what features customers are using, find and log crashes and more. Understand user behavior by capturing anonymous usage stats from end users. AppAnalytics is an analytics and tracking service, hosted by Embarcadero Technologies and available for RAD Studio XE8, C++Builder XE8 and Delphi XE8. Understand users today in existing Windows VCL apps, FireMonkey mobile and desktop apps to deliver better solutions.   Get Started using AppAnalytics For Free All it takes to get started using AppAnalytics is a registered EDN account. Use your EDN credentials to log into AppAnalytics at The free AppAnalytics account allows for up to 10,000 events for a given 30 day period. Ready to take AppAnalytics to the next level and need more events or more apps? Simply contact your local Embarcadero sales department and request an AppAnalytics upgrade. AppAnalytics Pricing Info >Get started integrating AppAnalytics into your app >    
RAD Studio at IoT World 2015   I had a great time at IoT World 2015. Embarcadero Technologies presented RAD Studio, a full solution rapid application development IDE that enables developers to build apps for Android, iOS, OS X, Windows, and IoT. The productivity of a RAD Studio developer is unmatched in their ability to quickly take an innovative IoT concept from prototype to industrial deployment. Armed with a single source codebase, the RAD developer is free to spend engineering efforts on what counts; implementing application specific logic and features.
Developer Skill Sprint - Unit Testing with DUnitX   Unit Testing with DUnitXRobert Love - State of UtahMay 12, 2015 New in RAD Studio XE8 is support for DUnitX. DUnitX is an open-source unit test framework based on the NUnit test framework, including some ideas from xUnit as well. The RAD Studio integration of DUnitX framework enables you to develop and execute tests against Win32, Win 64 and MacOSX in Delphi and C++Builder applications.The DUnitX testing framework provides its own set of methods for testing conditions. You can use the provided methods to test a large number of conditions. These methods represent common assertions although you can also create your own custom assertions.DUnitX makes use of Generics and Anonymous methods. DUnitX uses attributes under Delphi personality. In C++Builder, DUnitX uses published methods.
Expert Interview: How the Internet of Things is Changing B2B Industries John "JT" Thomas, Director of Product Management at Embarcadero Technologies, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on how Embarcadero supports developers innovating in the Internet of Things space and how it impacts the B2B landscape. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders. JT joined Buckner to discuss how Embarcadero s...
Developer Skill Sprint - Add New Components to your App with the GetIt Package Manager This blog post supports the Developer Skill Sprint - Add New Components to your App with the GetIt Package Manager which airs on May 5th, 2015.  
Developer Skill Sprint - Create iOS 64-bit Apps and Universal Bundles This blog post supports the Developer Skill Sprint - Create iOS 64-bit Apps and Universal Bundles which airs on April 21st, 2015. Resources: Video: Prepare XE8 IDE for iOS & OS X - What’s new in RAD Studio XE8 - New compilers for iOS 64-bit,_the_Delphi_Compiler_for_the_64-bit_iOS_Device,_the_C%2B%2B_Compiler_for_the_64-bit_iOS_Device Apple Announcements Oct 20, 2014: 64-bit & iOS 8 New Apps, Feb 1, 2015 - Dec 17, 2014: 64-bit app updates, June 1, 2015 -
Q&A: Windows and Beyond: See What's New in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8 Live Webinar Replay - Windows and Beyond: See What's New in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8 You asked, we listened. Due to the overwhelming demand, we're offering a live replay of the "Windows and Beyond: See What's New in RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder XE8" webinar on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. Don’t miss out on your chance to get answers to your questions directly from the experts at Embarcadero! Wednesday, April 29, 2015 6AM San Francisco / 9AM New York / 2PM London / 3PM Milan 11AM San Francisco / 2PM New York / 7PM London / 8PM Milan 5PM San Francisco / 30-Apr 9AM Tokyo / 30-Apr 10AM Sydney Join Embarcadero’s Product Management team for this first look webinar of what's new in RAD Studio XE8. New RAD Studio features will help you build amazing connected app solutions for Windows and beyond. In this webinar you will: See new innovations in multi-device, multi-form development Build 64-bit and Universal apps for iOS Add IoT solutions, like proximity awareness to your existing applications Extend and mobilize your Windows-based business Be more productive than ever in the IDE You don’t have to wait for the live replay. The what's new webinar is available for replay online right now!

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TBeacon and New Appmethod at IT DroidCon Beacons, iBeacons, altBeacons... Beaconing is probably the hottest new technology among programmers. Today I had a pleasure to present the latest Appmethod to developers at the IT DroidCon conference in Turin in Italy. Building natively compiled apps from the same codebase for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac with reusable components is always fun. Probably the most fun I had with using the new "TBeacon" component for building proximity aware mobile apps. How could it be simpler? Beaconing is the w...
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Appmethod 1.16 Spring Release - Now Available! The Spring release of Appmethod is out! Appmethod customers can get the latest version of Appmethod by going to: For a complete list of whats new, check out the What's New Doc Wiki FireMonkey Changes New FireMonkey enhancements include iOS native presentations for the TListView, TSwitch, TMemo, TMultiView, TCalendar, and TEdit controls. FireMonkey now supports the use of TWebBrowser for Windows and OS X. Interactive Maps for Android and iOS with support for four...
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