Usher in the new year with 2016 Developer Skill Sprints! Developer Skill Sprints 2016 Short, Cool, Quick Tips, Tricks and Techniques that will move your Windows 10 and Multi-Device Development to New Heights! Read on to find the schedule, topics, and registration links!  

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The Latest Skill Sprint Round Up This season of Developer Skill Sprints is almost over but it's not too late to get in on the action! Register now for the upcoming Developer Skill Sprint on Developing IDE Plugins for RAD Studio airing live on December 22nd. The new 2016 Develop Skill Sprint series is right around the corner! Both C++ and Delphi specific skill sprints will occur teach Tuesday and Thursday. The complete library of On Demand Skill Sprints is available today on the Embarcadero TechNet. Read on to find links to the latest on demand Developer Skill Sprint replays, learning resources, and registration links for upcoming 2016 Developer Skill Sprints.  
Vote for RAD Studio 10 Seattle to help us win the DeveloperWeek 2016 award for mobile! RAD Studio 10 Seattle has been nominated for the DeveloperWeek 2016 Award! DeveloperWeek is the largest DevTech event series in San Francisco. Cast your vote by registering on and "endorsing" our technology page: ...

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CodeRage X RAD Solution Pack RAD Solution Pack The ultimate collection of VCL and FMX tools and components for Delphi and C++Builder to enhance your applications and boost your productivity. The RAD Solution Pack delivers charting, reporting, grids, UI controls, debugging, analytics and IoT components and tools into a single high powered and cost effective solution. An incredible value of over $6,000 worth of components and tools!  Learn More >   RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder Update Subscription customers save 10% when you purchase any RAD Solution Pack! The RAD Solution Pack is the ultimate collection of VCL and FMX tools and components for Delphi and C++Builder to enhance your applications and boost your productivity. Available in three versions: VCL only, FMX only and both combined. All active RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder Update Subscription customers are eligible. Starter, Academic, Recharge and Multi-pack are included.Purchase any RAD Solution Pack between October 8 and October 31, 2015 and save 10%. Available from the Embarcadero Online Store, an Embarcadero reseller partner, or Embarcadero Sales.
CodeRage X Resources for C++ and Object Pascal Tracks This blog post contains links to full video playback, question and answer logs, and demos with source code for Code Rage X! Delphi Sessions List | C++ Sessions List | Code Rage X Homepage
CodeRage X - C++ Product Address Blog Notes  Delphi Sessions List  |  C++ Sessions List  |  Register for CodeRage X  
RAD in Action On Demand - Develop a Complete Windows + Mobile + Web Service + Cloud Solution White Paper, Source Code, Presentation Slides, and On Demand Video Playback Now Available! Presented by David Intersimone "David I" - Embarcadero TechnologiesDuring this RAD in Action on-demand webinar, we show you how to build a complete warehouse application for auction items that runs on Windows desktops and mobile devices using SQL databases, REST servers and cloud Storage.Learn how to build a VCL application and mobile apps that work with a middle tier via a web service that uses Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) and FireDACThe presentation and demonstration is full of useful tips, tricks and clear explanations. You will be able to use the mobile app to start bidding on the auction items. A monitoring desktop app shows the auction biddings and details. Learn More >  
RAD Studio 10 Seattle Deep Dive Technical Session On Demand RAD Studio 10 Seattle Deep Dive You’ve heard the buzz about RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder 10 Seattle and now is the time to dive in and learn why everyone is so excited! You do not want to miss this in-depth look at all the new and enhanced features added with 10 Seattle! Join David I and special guests from the Embarcadero team and RAD community for this deep dive session into the top new areas of RAD Studio / Delphi / C++Builder 10 and more! Topics for this special online event include: RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder 10 Seattle Overview Why VCL is the Best Way to Write Windows 10 Applications  Modern C++ in RAD Studio Components and Tools (AppAnalytics, InterBase, BeaconFence, CodeSite, Konopka Signature VCL Controls) Q&A RAD Studio 10 Seattle is the fastest way to build and update data-rich, hyper connected, visually engaging applications for Windows 10, Mac, Mobile, IoT and more using Object Pascal and C++   On Demand Playlist  0 - Welcome, Presenters, Agenda - David I 1 - Introduction to RAD Studio 10 Seattle - Marco Cantu 2 - What's New in the IDE - Luis Navarro 3 - Five New VCL Controls - Sarina Dupont 4 - Windows 10 VCL Support - Al Mannarino 5 - Windows 10 Look and Feel for VCL and FMX - Al Mannarino 6 - What's New in FireMonkey 10 Seattle - David I 7 - Android Services and iOS Background Apps - Jim McKeeth 8 - FireDAC Support for MongoDB NoSQL Database - Jim McKeeth 9 - App Tethering - Al Mannarino 10 - Enterprise Mobility Services - Al Mannarino 11 - New C++11 Support for Win32 - David I 12 - AppAnalytics for VCL and FMX - David I 13 - Beacons and BeaconFence - David I 14 - Konopka Signature VCL Controls - Ray Konopka 15 - CodeSite Studio - Ray Konopka 16 - InterBase XE7 Change Views - Stephen Ball 17 - Final Q&A - David I  
CodeRage X Schedule Now Available! The schedule for CodeRage X is now available. C++ Track > Object Pascal Track > Register Now >

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Summer 2015 Skill Sprint Round Up The Fall 2015 Develop Skill Sprint series is right around the corner. Be sure to check the Developer Skill Sprint registration page for a new schedule in the near future! In the meantime, the Summer 2015 Developer Skill Sprints series is freely available on demand!  

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