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CodeRage開始徵召演講內容 一年一度的CodeRage活動又將開始, 英巴也開始召喚有意在此舞台展示的使用者報名參加. 今年將有重量級的技術人才 Robert C. Martin參加, 他的Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship一書相信是許多人都讀過的好書.   台灣有興趣的朋友也可以趕快報名參加主講, 當然您必須整場以英文演說, 因此對除了技術之外, 對於英文語言能力也是一大挑戰.   欲報名參加的詳細可參考以下的連結:

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CodeRage开始征召演讲内容 一年一度的CodeRage活动又将开始, 英巴也开始召唤有意在此舞台展示的使用者报名参加. 今年将有重量级的技术人才 Robert C. Martin参加, 他的Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship一书相信是许多人都读过的好书.   大陆有兴趣的朋友也可以赶快报名参加主讲, 当然您必须整场以英文演说, 因此对除了技术之外, 对于英文语言能力也是一大挑战.   欲报名参加的详细可参考以下的连结:

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What is my IP address? There are many situation when it would handy to know the IP address of a device where our app is running. Maybe you want to identify who is running your app? By IP address it is also possible to calculate the approximate location of a device. If you connect to Internet through a router, there are big chances that it implements "Network Address Translation" (NAT), to make it harder for remote machines to establish a direct connection to a machine within a local network. Recently I have come acro...

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Save Paradox Blob format to a file using BDE C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo does not have BDE installed.So, Install BDE separately in C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo.It is after the end of the all of the installation.   Download BDE Installer for RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo Download the installer from the URL below.ID: 30752, BDE Installer for RAD Studio, Delphi, C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo    Check the Paradox data. Use the sample file named biolife.db.This is sample data of Paradox.I brought it from C++Build...
Implementing AJAX and JSONP Support in RAD Server for ExtJS Idera recently acquired Sencha ( and has added the company products to the Embarcadero business unit, which produced RAD Studio and also the RAD Server web service technology. A natural question arises on how to use the two products together. While there are several options, in this blog post I want to highlight the simple and direct integration of RAD Server and FireDAC with an ExtJS client based on Sencha’s data model architecture. Most of the considerations in this blo...

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Experimenting with Neural Networks – Part 5 Best viewed in full screen. Source Code: ai-example-20171018
Experimenting with Neural Networks – Part 4 Best viewed in full screen.

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Adding a Custom Icon to a FireMonkey Button In today's blog post, I am outlining how to create custom FireMonkey buttons. In this case, I am using the blue Windows 10 style included in RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo.   

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Join Andrea Magni in Millan for a Special ExtJS Event A special event combining Delphi and Ext JS is coming with Embarcadero MVP Andrea Magni in Milan this October 26th. Are you a Delphi developer looking for a modern web solution? Would you like to offer a web user interface as effective as your desktop application’s one? Is a mobile web app suitable to your needs instead of taking the complexity of build and distribute native mobile apps? Are you looking for a new technology to upgrade your existing web proposal? Delphi has been and...

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Talking at ITDevCon 2017, Tomorrow The conference is organized by Embarcadero partner BitTime and their consulting company BitTime Professionals at their office in Franscati, near Rome, and all of the information is at: Well, it might be a little late to join, but I realized I forgot mentioning the event on my blog, so here it goes. If you plan attending, I'll be there tomorrow afternoon and also join the dinner. See the final agenda at ...

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