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Cool App Winner: Mimix 3D Profile Scanner by intricad

Written by Jim McKeeth on . Posted in Articles

Embarcadero Cool App Contest

The March winner of the Embarcadero Cool App Contest is the Mimix 3D Profile Scanner by intricad. I looked at this app a few years ago, and found it pretty impressive then. It uses a really cool technique to capture a 3D impression with only your monitor and a standard webcam.

Cool App Winner: Mimix 3D Profile Scanner Mimix 3D Profile Scanner Personal allows you to make 3D impressions using your webcam and PC monitor screen. mimix 3D Profile Scanner Personal uses a set of 4 black and white patterns which are projected by your computer screen while your camera captures the images of your face in front of the screen. The images are then processed to reveal a 3D impression.

Under proper lighting conditions mimix 3D can capture scenes and objects with incredible detail recovery. The trick is to be in a very dark room, and have a good webcam and bright screen.

After the scan you can create cool effects by relighting the scene or 3D print your impression.

It is built for Windows using Delphi, VCL, TMS ComponentsEurekalog and ShellBrowser.

Check out the video or download the free scanner for yourself!


Built with Delphi

Be sure to enter you cool app for a chance to win a $500 gift card. New winners every month!

New Release Model in Action!

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This week, we are pleased to release RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo. It celebrates our many customers in Japan and is a testament to the true global nature of our company. If you remember, one of our Boot Camps had representatives from over 200 countries!


RAD 10.2 is an important release in many ways. It is a truly BIG one. The Enterprise and Architect versions contain a Linux compiler that has been anticipated for years. It also has many other enhancements and fixes. It is even more important as a demonstration of our new release model and commitment to continued and rapid improvement of the core product. It nicely highlights the benefits of update subscription (aka maintenance). A preview of the product was available early for these customers.


We had four release in the last 12 months (minor and major)! We are continuing to improve the upgrade process, but regardless, this is an excellent value. And while  the required uninstall is cumbersome, pretty much everyone agrees that the process has become much smoother after the release of 10.1 Berlin. The GetIt installer is far quicker too.


The improvements in Quality and Stability have been well received and we will continue to do even more.  I think that the biggest challenge is making this process work more seamlessly with component partners, but even there we see some improvement. Our technology partners, similar to our maintenance customers, have had 10.2 for almost two months, which results in better stability and quality. The feedback on quality is great, but partners are also excited to build new capabilities that leverage the Linux backend. This will continue to move our ecosystem forward.


The new release model challenges us to continue to deliver value to customers all the time. Our PM team is very proud of the extent of our Windows 10 support, which is the best in the industry (even ahead of Visual Studio in certain areas). FMX is a true gem for anyone that wants to build native mobile apps fast. There is so much more to come on that front. Of course the core IDE and compilers will continue to get better too. We gave a taste to some IDE changes with RAD 10.2, which, while subtle are an example of the productivity focus that we want to embrace.


One area that I am particularly excited about is to give you template applications that get you started with new projects faster. We initiated this with some free games for Berlin. Literally thousands of dollars worth of source code was provided for free through GetIt to update subscription customers. With 10.2 we plan to give even more source code. For example, next week we will deliver a Healthcare app that uses RAD Server and Beacons. We have several more in the works that will expedite multi-tier projects with RAD Server. Many are asking for these to be available in a hosted environment, which is being considered. The best thing is that these will come through GetIt, so installation will be simple. Some of the Konopka controls updates will be delivered that way too, again making the ongoing relationship even more valuable.


We want our customers to feel special. By buying RAD Studio you are part of an elite community of developers where we challenge each other to constantly innovate and make amazing applications. There are many good developer tools out there, but if you want fast, yet robust development, RAD Studio is the best answer.

Manual uninstall of RAD Studio/Delphi/C++Builder 10.2

Written by Christopher M424 on . Posted in Installation / Registration


Launch the License Manager from the bin folder (by default "C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\bin\LicenseManager.exe") and delete any trial or beta (Test Field) license that you can find. Check it under “License Details” in the center column.

Under your Control Panel's Program and Features Add/Remove Program uninstall the following entries:

  • RAD Studio 10.2 version 19.0

Please follow these instructions to remove any leftover files:

  1. If Windows 32-bit, remove the C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0 directory (or the custom folder you had used).
  2. If Windows 64-bit, remove the C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0 directory (or the custom folder you had used).
  3. Remove the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0 directory
  4. Remove the C:\ProgramData\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0 directory.
  5. Remove the %APPDATA%\Embarcadero\BDS\19.0 directory.
  6. Remove the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\19.0 registry key
  7. If Windows 32-bit, remove the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Embarcadero\BDS\19.0 registry key
  8. If Windows 64-bit, remove the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Embarcadero\BDS\19.0
  9. If Windows 32-bit, remove the following files from C:\Windows\System32\:
    1. BDEAdmin.*
    2. CC32*.DLL
    3. Midas.*
    4. Xerces*.DLL
  10. If Windows 64-bit, remove the following files from C:\Windows\SysWOW64\:
    1. BDEAdmin.*
    2. CC32*.DLL
    3. Midas.*
    4. Xerces*.DLL

Field testers should also do the following (and others may want to as well):

  1. Delete the Godzilla license from License manager before uninstalling it or during the installation of RAD Studio 10.2

If you had problems in the second step (uninstalling from Windows Control Panel), try this Microsoft tool to solve uninstallation problems:


Tokyo, InterBase 2017, Linux and Codegen = Secret Weapons

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"The release of RAD Studio 10.2 not only takes a big step forward with Linux support, but it also leaps forward with a more scalable RAD Server, deeper Windows support and the quality developers expect. We are also continuing to provide industry leading support for Windows 10 and the Windows 10 Store through our VCL framework.”
-Nick Hodges, head of product management at Embarcadero.
Excerpt from our recent RAD Studio 10.2 Press Release
RAD Studio 10.2 – Now Available
RAD Studio 10.2 includes the first RAD Studio Linux compiler, improved IDE menus for faster navigation, a host of FireMonkey updates and new features, new TDataSet capabilities, multi-tenancy support in RAD Server, updates to FireDAC, a number of RTL enhancements, greatly improved...
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Download RAD Studio 10.2 Now
The fastest way to develop cross-platform Native Apps with flexible Cloud services and broad IoT connectivity.
BUY RAD Studio 10.2
Start a FREE Trial of RAD Studio 10.2 Today
Download Free Trial RAD Studio 10.2
Fast Development Rules - Use Delphi and FMX as secret weapons. By Atanas Popov
Read the follow-up to Atanas Popov article on the importance of fast development as he talks with Eli M. of Peacekeeper Enterprise about how they use Delphi and FMX as their secret weapon.
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Jim McKeeth, Embarcadero Chief Evangelist, meet Embarcadero Japanese MVP.
Meet HOSOKAWA Jun, our MVP from Japan. He is involved in mobile, game, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and mixed reality development. Read the full interview with him and Jim McKeeth.
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Launch Webinar for RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo
Join Embarcadero Product Management Team to learn about the new release of RAD Studio 10.2, including the first LLVM based Linux compiler for Enterprise development, updates to FireDAC, FireMonkey, the RTL, C++Builder compilers, multi-tenancy support for RAD Server and more…  
RAD Studio™ is the fastest way to write, compile, package and develop ...  
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Overview of the RAD Studio 10.2 release
The first RAD Studio LLVM based Linux compiler for Enterprise development
Improved IDE menus for faster navigation
A host of FireMonkey updates and new features
Multi-tenancy support in RAD Server
And much more.
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What's New in C++Builder 10.2: Part 2 - Code Generation

RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo is released, and we would like to let you know some of what you can expect to see new on the C++Builder side.  While the majority of work is for Linux, which will be available for C++ in 10.2.1, we've worked on three key areas:

Improved linking
Improved code generation
Improved debugging
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InterBase 2017 – Now Available - Embed, Deploy Relax
InterBase 2017 delivers the fastest version of InterBase yet with new language features, server wide performance monitoring and enhanced transaction handling.
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The trial and developer editions of InterBase 2017 are available for free
Download the Trial Version
Save over 54% and Get the Best Tools in 2017
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Offers end 31 March 2017!
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What's New in C++Builder 10.2: Part 3 - Debugging
Delphi 10.2 has been Released Today

Fast Development Rules! (Part 2)

Written by Atanas on . Posted in Articles

I received some good feedback on this blog and wanted to share a really cool example from one of our MVPs, Eli from Peacekeeper ( He recently completed a fairly involved FMX (FireMonkey) application for the Oil and Gas industry in 3 weeks! Here is his summary “I just finished a medium size enterprise app build in Delphi for iOS. It is a mobile forms document solution for a client. It has somewhere around 100-150 fields, 20+ tabs, 5 forms, offline caching, uses XML, JSON, SOAP, LiveBindings, FireDAC, data syncing, signatures, drawing, GPS, and other RAD Studio technologies in around 33,000 LoC. Suffice to say Delphi can move mountains.” This is now a template that he can reuse with lots of other apps for iOS and Android, since it is FMX. He is even willing to share with others and they can choose to use his services as needed.

I have managed to build quite a few apps over the years, especially mobile apps, (of course with experienced developers), so I can really appreciate this kind of speed. I wish I had RAD Studio back then. It would have saved me a lot of iterations and anxiety.

In the last years, we have done a lot to promote FMX, but I think that we need to do a much better job explaining the power and range of possible solutions that leverages these tools. Eli did not use RAD Server, as he prefered a hosted back-end. But frankly combining the efficiency of our frameworks for front- and back-end development with RAD Server can result in even greater savings or opportunities to make even more money by developers or ISVs. Your typical MBaaS is $50+ per user.  With a 100 users, you will pay for RAD Server in a month and the rest is just the server hosting, which with Linux is trivial. This is a lot of potential ongoing revenue… I understand that some customers just don’t want to deal with AWS or Azure, so we may come up with some RAD Server hosted options as well.

I love our cool apps examples, however they sometimes downplay the many great apps that are more utilitarian and may not have amazing front-ends. I think that in these cases FMX shines even more. With the many possible adapters for payments and connectivity to enterprise systems, the speed of development matters even more. For example, there are whole companies that specialize in building apps. With our tools, you can build a few templates and then your speed to deliver solutions will simply be unbeatable. So much opportunity out there!

There are some really good deals out there for RAD Studio - go get the latest! Eli said that we almost got him with the great Architect Promo, and MVP’s are tough to get.

Here is a short video Eli made about why he uses Delphi at Peacekeeper.

Embarcadero Weekly Round-up for Developers - #9/2017

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  Embarcadero Weekly Round-up 9      
  Products | Free Tools | Events
We continue to improve RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder with one central goal in mind: helping you build cross-platform Native Apps faster than ever before and delivering them to the largest audience possible with ease.
Previewing RAD Server Multi-Tenancy Support in 10.2
RAD Studio Senior Product Manager Sarina DuPont previews a new feature, frequently requested by Embarcadero customers, that will be included in the 10.2 release: Multi-Tenancy Support for RAD Server.
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Delphi for Linux Database and Web Development
Delphi and RAD Studio Product Manager Marco Cantu elaborates on the new feature Embarcadero is expecting to release for the coming Delphi version - including support for the server-side applications on the Linux platform.
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Webinar: How to Turn your Delphi / C++Builder Desktop Program into a Cloud App in < 1 month
Learn how to move your application to the cloud and the benefits of offering a cloud solution to your users. Join us for this special webinar as we partner with rollApp to help you make the move to the cloud in under one month. .
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29 March 2017
Webinar Replay: C++ the C++Builder Way
C++ Product Manager David Millington and Embarcadero MVP David Intersimone explain the unique features of C++Builder, discuss the latest best practices for C++ and teach you how to incorporate them into your C++Builder projects.
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Infographics: Delphi DNA
Like visuals? In case you missed them, we’ve built concise infographics that provide excellent visual breakdowns of the Delphi DNA.
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Infographics: C++Builder DNA
Like visuals? In case you missed them, we’ve built concise infographics that provide excellent visual breakdowns of the C++Builder DNA.
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Embarcadero Weekly Round-up for Developers - #8/2017

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  Embarcadero Weekly Round-up 8      
  Products | Free Tools | Events
We continue to improve RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder with one central goal in mind: helping you build cross-platform Native Apps faster than ever before and delivering them to the largest audience possible with ease.
InterBase 2017 – Now Available
InterBase 2017 delivers the fastest version of InterBase yet with new language features, server wide performance monitoring and enhanced transaction handling.
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Download InterBase 2017 Now
The trial and developer editions of InterBase 2017 are available for free
Download the Trial Version
Download Free Developer Edition
Build IoT enabled apps with RAD Studio
ThingConnect IoT device components range from healthcare devices such as heartrate montiors, blood pressure monitors and scales to home automation gadgets like BLE light bulbs, Z-Wave enabled door locks, smart switches, smoke detectors and more.
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Webinar: External BeaconFence Mapping Editor
Embarcadero’s BeaconFence technology utilizes its Beacon Fencing Map Editor from the RAD Studio IDE, but is not able to run outside of it. Woll2Woll has created an external mapping editor to create XML mapping files Written 100% with the FireMonkey library - Runs on Windows, iOS, Android, and OSX.
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16 March 2017
Delphi for Linux Boot Camp Replay
Just in case you missed the fantastic Delphi for Linux Boot Camp by Craig Chapman last week, or you want to watch it again, here is the replay that includes Marco Cantu's Q&A at the end.
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Delphi for Linux RTL units
This blog post from Marco Cantu focuses solely on the RTL units that are going to be available in Delphi for the Linux platform.
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Key Traits of the Coming Delphi For Linux Compiler
In case you missed it: Here are some of the key technical elements of Embarcadero’s new Delphi compiler for the Linux platform.
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How to make a RESTful WebBroker app in C++Builder
WebBroker (included in Professional edition and up) makes it easy to build a RESTful server. This article shows you how to server data from a database via a REST API with WebBroker and C++Builder.
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Fast Development Rules!

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Speed is king in tech, right? Few will disagree that today fast development should be more critical than ever. You not only need to develop quickly, but work closely with business partners to get your apps right. If you are not fast, someone else will get there. If you do not get it right, well then it won’t work. I read somewhere that the average app on iTunes today has close to “0” probability of download - yikes!

I frequently ask myself, why we have struggled in the last decade with the object development and fast development messaging. The RAD methodology maybe old, but RAD tools work amazingly with agile methodologies – better than most, since iterations are very fast and easy.

I personally see several major trends that crushed the perception of RAD and frankly, they have nothing to do with Delphi. Although, let’s face it, the large players never had a reason to particularly like Delphi.

The strategy across US to consolidate tech on standard web friendly architecture stacks made Java dominant. If you had to choose one, the default was clear, and .NET was the alternative if you loved MS. Then came “body-shop” outsourcing at scale. No one was interested in true efficiencies – it is all about cost and scale. Giant Indian companies were born with no clear model to support anything but “body-shop” outsourcing. Suddenly people cared far less about fast and only about cheap. Which “body-shop” in their right mind would want to build something with a RAD tool where one developer can do what five could otherwise? This perpetuated itself. Today, RAD is used by ISVs and customers that really value efficiencies, and even they get influenced by “body-shop” outsourcing trends.

The good news is that fast is back! There are too many large failed projects and bad software out there. What appeared cutting edge Java based architectures are now more difficult to maintain than COBAL. Acceptance for multi-platform development is higher than ever. We no longer live in a single stack architecture world. It is simply not feasible. Advances in DevOps are making heterogeneous deployment and management easier than ever.

I feel great about our RAD Studio and RAD Server as a super-fast and affordable way to develop enterprise grade applications. It keeps true to the spirit of easy and fast with added openness in deployment options as Windows is no longer the only supported infrastructure. You will very soon build to both Linux and Windows, deploying on any cloud you want!

We are starting to develop more industry solutions to serve as templates on which you can build. For example, we have a dramatic number of Healthcare clients and the PM team has an awesome Nursing Station Solution. Using the same approach, we are building other templates that can potentially transform development from months to weeks. They all use components, but now the components are more and work on Linux too. We plan to do a lot more of these to showcase the ease with which you can develop true multi-tier solutions with a small highly efficient team.

Fast Development Rules!

Delphi for Linux Boot Camp Replay

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Delphi for LinuxJust in case you missed the fantastic Delphi for Linux Boot Camp by Craig Chapman this week here, or you want to watch it again, here is the replay that includes Marco Cantu's Q&A at the end.

This Boot camp covers the setup of a Linux development environment for building Linux applications with Delphi. We’ll look at hello world, debugging linux applications, deploying apache2 modules using WebBroker, and accessing a MySQL database using FireDAC. The penguins are coming, be prepared!

3D Train Studio is the February Cool Apps Winner

Written by Jim McKeeth on . Posted in Articles

3D Train StudioModel trains are a fantastic hobby with the potential for hours of creative fun and a challenge of the mind to build something sophisticated and beautiful. But, where do we find the time in today’s fast-paced world? Well, 3D Train Studio has created an app that allows you to simulate virtual model railroads in 3D that you’ve always dreamed about. Simulate it with 3D Train Studio and then build it! The possibilities are endless as the program has thousands of components that allow you to create the most realistic miniature worlds you can imagine. This entry to our cool app contest was made using Embarcadero Delphi on Windows, and it is our winner for February 2017. 

3D Train Studio - Cool App WinnerThe 3D Train Studio app is a community-driven effort with developer railfans contributing more 3D components every week. The focus lies on the comfortable and clean interface, which makes it enjoyable to build complex model railroad worlds with ease. On the technical side, 3D Train Studio utilizes a lot of different technologies. These technologies include a self-written 3D engine capable of rendering thousands of 3D objects in real time with abstraction of the underlying graphics API (supporting Direct3D 9 and 11), sound processing with the help of the FMOD library, integration of a web service written in PHP for accessing the online catalog (via XML-RPC), multi-threading with the support of a custom written task manager, custom VCL components for implementing a smooth image viewer, XML processing, multi-language support (currently English and German) and a clean separation of UI, logic and data (MVC) all hosted on the Delphi, Object Pascal platform. 

The 3D Train Studio is available as a free download and enables a fast and easy start into model railway planning and simulation. The standard version contains sample layouts and over 5000 tracks and components. There is also an optional activation of the professional version, right from the application by paying a reasonable fee. 

There are tutorials on the 3D Train Website and a series of community-produced videos available on YouTube. The company is out of Germany and a lot of the content is in German, but you can still see a lot of very cool 3D Trains on the videos.

Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: