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June Offers Are Ending - Act Now!

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Only a few days left - RAD Studio SPECIAL OFFERS!! Act Today!

RAD Studio 10.2 "Tokyo" has been around for over three months, generating thousands of downloads. We already implemented several quality patches to further enhance performance.

It has never been a better time to join the RAD Studio revolution and deliver to your customers amazing application experiences.

We know that the cost of tools is not a huge factor when deciding to upgrade or approaching a new project. It should not be! However, we want to help you make that decision easier and have put together some really attractive promos for June. There are only a few days left… make your decision early next week and save BIG$$$! You will have some left-over for the beach :) ! 

Free Mobile Add-On Pack

#1 Buy One RAD Studio, Delphi, or C++Builder Professional and Get One Mobile Add-On Pack for FREE (Up to 703$ in $avings)!

Start building cross-platform apps today that will work on Windows, Android, iOS, or Mac. With Update Subscription included you will be one of the first to access our Free Beta for CData Enterprise Connectors, as well as free source code for a variety of apps, from games to complex solution templates.

How to to get? Just buy from the PRO license from Web Store, Embarcadero Sales or Partners and use the Serial Number on the Promo Page to get your FREE items. EASY!

Contact Sales>>   Buy Online >>  Find A Partner>>

Free RAD Server

#2 Buy One RAD Studio, Delphi, or C++Builder Architect and Get One Unlimited Users RAD Server (up to 4995$ in $avings) - Unbelievable right?

This is a huge one! With Architect you already get an awesome bundle, including the best development suite and additional database modeling tools. Now you get an unlimited RAD Server to deploy. Compared to similar competitive solutions with pricing anywhere from $50 to $100 per user per month, you will be saving thousands and you will get the speed of development and deployment that are unmatched. We did a simple benchmark to build a Salesforce app and the RAD Studio with RAD Server solution was over 10x time less expensive and it took far less time to build.

You get a number of bonus features, such as Beacon Fence, Free Source Code for RAD Server Solutions, and Customizable Bootstrap JS Portal.

You can check-out Sarina’s latest RAD Server blog for more details, but ACT FAST. This will NOT be available after June.

How do you get it? Just buy the Architect license from Web Store, Embarcadero Sales or Partners and use the Serial Number on the Promo Page to get your FREE items. EASY!

Contact Sales>>  Buy Online >>  Find A Partner>>

Free InterBase License

#3 Buy PRO and get 20 IB Licenses! But Enterprise and get 100 IB Licenses!

Interbase 2017 is here and you can get variety of options to save big with this promo offer. We recently did a comparison of alternative solutions  and IB 2017 delivered the best value, especially if you require Change Controls. If you want a secure and scalable solution IB 2017 is for you

Contact Sales>>  Buy Online >>  Find A Partner>>

To learn more about the all special offers that are ENDING SOON (Including terms & Conditions), go to the special offer pageIf you have any specific questions or need further help, send me an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or leave a comment to this article.


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Delphiは、単体製品としても、またC++Builderを含むスイート製品RAD Studioの一部としても提供しています。Delphiをすぐに使い始めるには、2つの方法があります。


Delphi Starter Editionは、無料で利用できるDelphiです。趣味や学習を目的とした利用のほか、Delphiによって開発したアプリケーションに関連する収益が、1,000 USドルを越えないというライセンス規定で利用できます。Starter Editionは、Win32開発をサポートしているので、基本的な学習や言語の取得に最適です。

Starter Editionは、 からダウンロードできます。


RAD Studioの30日トライアル版をダウンロードすれば、Delphi / RAD Studioのすべての機能を30日間試用することができます。トライアル版の使用が終了したら、正規のライセンスを購入して開発を続けることができます。


トライアル版は、 からダウンロードできます。


Delphiを本格的に利用する場合には、製品版をお求めください。製品版には、目的別に3つのエディションがあります。また、RAD Studioを選択すれば、C++Builderが利用できるほか、Professional版でもモバイル開発を行うことができます。


オンラインで閲覧できる「RAD Studio入門」ページには、Delphi / RAD Studioを初めて使う人が参考になるさまざまな情報が掲載されています。

Delphi / RAD StudioのオンラインヘルプはDocWikiと呼ばれ、継続的にアップデートされています。ドキュメントのオリジナル言語である英語のほか、日本語、ドイツ語、フランス語に翻訳されています。

How Toビデオシリーズ」は、Delphi / C++Builder / RAD Studioのインストール、設定から、基本的な開発ステップ、各種機能の使い方までを解説したビデオ学習教材です。

Delphi / RAD Studioのコードサンプルは、製品とともにインストールすることができますが、数多くのサンプルコードがSourceForgeにも登録されています。XE以降の各バージョンごとのサンプルにもアクセスできます。



移行の手順やWindows 10サポートの方法などを解説する無料セミナーも開催しています。参加は無料。ぜひご参加ください。


Delphi Starter / C++Builder Starterを用いた入門者向けのオンラインセミナーを開催。ゲームを作りながら、ビジュアル開発/オブジェクト指向開発の基礎を学びます。













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1) セッションスピーカー


  • Delphi、C++などの開発言語、ツール活用のテクニック、チュートリアル
  • 旧バージョンからの移行TIPSなど
  • モバイルやタブレット向け開発、クロス開発など、新しいプラットフォームへの適用例
  • 関連する技術(データベース、ミドルウェア、IoT、ツール)の活用テクニック
  • Delphi/C++Builderユーザーの視点から見たエンバカデロのデータベースツール活用例
  • 最新のソフトウェア開発技術に関する情報
  • 最新バージョンを適用した開発例
  • エンバカデロ製品を利用した開発事例、技術的ポイントの紹介

申込方法:デベロッパーキャンプのセッションスピーカーを希望される方は、This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.まで、「第34回デベロッパーキャンプ講師応募」という件名で、以下の情報を記載したメールをお送りください。

  • 氏名(フリガナ)
  • 会社名
  • 部署名
  • 役職
  • プロフィール
  • メールアドレス
  • 電話番号
  • 講演内容案(テーマ/セッション概要など)
  • 対象製品/言語
  • セッションタイプ(チュートリアル/テクニカル/ケーススタディ/プレビュー/その他)
  • 講演希望場所: 東京 および/または 大阪


2) ライトニングトーク


出演を希望される方は、This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.まで、「第34回ライトニングトーク出演希望」という件名で以下の情報を記載したメールをお送りください。

  • お名前 および フリガナ(ハンドル名等で参加される場合はその旨明記ください)
  • 会社名(個人として参加される場合は不要)
  • 連絡先(電話番号)
  • トークのタイトルと概要
  • PC持ち込み あり/なし(接続にはHDMIを使用します)
  • 講演希望場所: 東京 および/または 大阪




May Cool App Winner: Ofertas do Dia

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May Cool App Winner: Ofertas do DiaThe cool app Winner for May comes from Brazil. It is Ofertas do Dia, or "Daily Offers" for us English speakers. This cool mobile app runs on iOS, Android and Windows Desktop. It collects all the daily offers from the bigger brazilian online stores and provides them in a clear easy to use app! So every day you can access everything from various sites just in one touch.

Ofertas Do Dia

  • You can share the offers
  • You can share the app
  • You can search offers using words or the barcode scanner
  • You can receive remote push notifications about offers

Besides all the time and internet traffic it saves because it user no longer has to visit every site that publish "daily offers." Some of what else that makes it cool is all the impressive technology it includes. Built on the Enterprise Edition of Delphi using FireMonkey it uses regular expressions to extract products and offers from web pages. The data is stored in a FireDAC TFDMemTable. The display uses a custom ListView appearance. The push notifications are supported through Rafael's own solution that doesn't require a 3rd party push notification provider. 


This cool app is offered by Agile Consultoria de Informática and the developer is Rafael Ribas Aguiló

For Rafael's bio he says "I'm a Delphi developer since its version 1 and love the Delphi productivity." For more information on Ofertas do Dia you can check out the Google Play Store.

To see some of the other cool app entries, or to enter your app, visit the Cool App Competition

Installing InterBase 2017 and XE7 64 bit on Windows 10 Creators U...

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Customers have reported that it is not possible to install the 64 bit version of InterBase on the Windows 10 Creators Update (build 1703). When you get to the screen that allows you to choose between 32 bit and 64 bit, it is greyed out


A workaround is to perform a silent install, which is described in the documentation at,_Registration,_and_Licensing_Information#Using_the_Wise_Installer_to_Embed_InterBase. A values file for a default installation of InterBase would contain:


MAINDIR=C:\Program Files\Embarcadero\InterBase\




If you have an existing successful installation of InterBase, you will find a values.txt in the program directory.

You would then launch the installer via the following command line:


When the installation has completed, you should find that a 64 bit instance has been installed.

April Cool App Winner: Visuino

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Visuino Cool App WinnerI still remember the first time I saw Visuino in action. It was 2 years ago during our Delphi 20th Birthday Party when Boian Mitov unveiled this new project he was building with Delphi. It was really impressive. At the time he wasn't sure what the price would be for it, but looking at the level of utility I expected it to be $500 or more. 

If you are unfamiliar with Visuino, it is a visual IDE for building apps for Arduino and related boards. Instead of writing the code in C, you just connect some visual connectors and Visuino generates the native optimized C code for you. This makes Visuino amazingly productive for rapid component prototyping. It supports a huge variety of chips, boards and components. 

During CodeRage XI Boian had a session showing off Visuino and during the Q&A someone asked the price and he said "Nine, ninety-nine" which I assumed to be $999, which was a lot of money, but Visuino certainly appeared to be worth it. Then he said he wanted to keep it under $10. I was completely blown away that it was that cheap. I didn't have any pressing Arduino projects, but I went out and purchased Visuino anyway. At that price it is a complete no-brainer if you are even moderately interested in Arduino. 


One of the things that is great about Visuino is not only does it make it easy to build Arduino apps, it also makes it easy to connect to those apps from your Delphi apps with Mitov's communication lab. If you are working on an IoT solution, then Visuino is very valuable in component prototyping. 

If you want to see Visuino in action then check out our IoT Boot Camp we did with Visuino. You can also catch the Visuino session from CodeRage XI

Here are some additional resources in working

Visuino has a free mode, just like all Mitov Software's Lab Packs, but at $9.99 I really recommend you just go and purchase a copy. 

RAD Studioロードマップ(2017年5月付)

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この記事は、Marco CantuによるRAD Studio Roadmap May 2017の抄訳です。

RAD Studioの現在と将来に関する2017年5月付のロードマップをご覧ください。


RAD Studio / Delphi / C++Builderのアップデートは、製品を購入すると標準で1年間有効なアップデートサブスクリプションサービスによって提供されます。

Build Healthcare Apps with Delphi and FireMonkey (FMX)

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Today Healthcare is one of the hottest areas for Technology innovation. It is globally a $6B opportunity based on startup funding trends, which is a lot, but there is also a $3 Trillion industry to transform!


Delphi has a particularly strong presence in Healthcare. There are many, many Healthcare systems that are written in Delphi that service literally million of patients and thousands of providers. From primary care EHRs, Dental Software, all kinds of Radiology Suites, the lists goes on, and this is true across the globe. We have multiple existing integrations with some of the largest EHR systems in the World (Mumps integration anyone?).


I believe that there is substantial opportunity to leverage Delphi for Cross-Platform apps in Healthcare. It is an opportunity that is drastically underleveraged. Today, there are very few frameworks that can address this need as well as FireMonkey (FMX) with Delphi. Windows has been a great platform for this with very good security and performance that are critical for healthcare apps. Building HTML5 applications is relatively fast, but disconnected performance is particularly important in Healthcare and security can be stronger with native applications that provide far more encryption options.


The biggest opportunity is for highly functional purpose built applications. Traditional EHRs are very complicated, as they cover many use cases and huge ranges of functionality. However, provider’s time is particularly valuable. Building apps that make providers function more efficiently is super important. Optimizing patient flow to reduce waste is similarly important. These apps do not need to do everything, they need to do some things well. Some of you have probably noticed how providers drag these huge workstations around to type their notes… tablets are lighter, but few UX’s hit the mark. Plenty of room for innovation.

The following example is a nice conceptual view of a Doctor’s office registration application. The use case is super simple, yet think of the last times you’ve been in a doctor’s office and you have see things like this. I have been in some of the largest medical institutions in New York, and guess what - paper everywhere. The only place with an app was an Orthopedist that was charging $500 for a finger splinter that costs $5 at the pharmacy and the insurance covered it, but that is a separate story. Let's build some great apps!


Cool App Winner: Mimix 3D Profile Scanner by intricad

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Embarcadero Cool App Contest

The March winner of the Embarcadero Cool App Contest is the Mimix 3D Profile Scanner by intricad. I looked at this app a few years ago, and found it pretty impressive then. It uses a really cool technique to capture a 3D impression with only your monitor and a standard webcam.

Cool App Winner: Mimix 3D Profile Scanner Mimix 3D Profile Scanner Personal allows you to make 3D impressions using your webcam and PC monitor screen. mimix 3D Profile Scanner Personal uses a set of 4 black and white patterns which are projected by your computer screen while your camera captures the images of your face in front of the screen. The images are then processed to reveal a 3D impression.

Under proper lighting conditions mimix 3D can capture scenes and objects with incredible detail recovery. The trick is to be in a very dark room, and have a good webcam and bright screen.

After the scan you can create cool effects by relighting the scene or 3D print your impression.

It is built for Windows using Delphi, VCL, TMS ComponentsEurekalog and ShellBrowser.

Check out the video or download the free scanner for yourself!


Built with Delphi

Be sure to enter you cool app for a chance to win a $500 gift card. New winners every month!

Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: