tools.h++ from Rogue Wave conflicts with Turbo Vis

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TI1421C.txt   tools.h++ from Rogue Wave conflicts with Turbo Vis
Category   :General
Platform    :All
Product    :C/C++  All

PRODUCT  :  Borland C++                           NUMBER  :  1398
VERSION  :  3.x
     OS  :  DOS
   DATE  :  March 10, 1994                           PAGE  :  1/1
  TITLE  :  tools.h++ from Rogue Wave conflicts with Turbo Vision
Tools.h++ from Rogue Wave conflicts with Turbo Vision.
The header file defs.h from Rogue Wave Tools.h++ contains these
    // The following is for your convenience and can be removed
    // if it conflicts with some other package:
    #define Boolean RWBoolean
If you are using Tools.h++ with Turbo Vision, it will lead to
conflicts since TV has the following definition for Boolean:
    enum Boolean { TRUE, FALSE };
Commenting out the #define in defs.h from Tools.h++ resolves the
In the case where this was initially encountered, a virtual
function being redefined in a derived class was seen by the
compiler to have a different signature. Thus, instead of being a
redefinition, it hid the base class function. Then a call to
(baseClass*)->virtualFunction got the base class function instead
of the intended derived class' version.
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subject to the terms of the No-Nonsense License Statement that
you received with the Borland product to which this information


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